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Founded in 1880 by Carlo Spallanzani in Milan, the semi-eponymous Milanese jewelry brand has kept on evolving over the last five generations until Gaia Spallanzani took over as artistic director perpetrating her family name and heritage.  Gaia Spallanzani is a gem lover, she is fond of jewelry, handles all of the designs and keeps on working with her family to maintain the reputation her great-grandfather has built…

Living in Milan, Gaia’s goal when she took over the company in 2014 was to bring the brand to an international level. Since then, she has been globe-trotting working towards that goal. Gaia’s passion for this industry can be traced back to days in her childhood admiring gems her grandparents had purchased on their travels for the company. She quickly started studying Gemology on her own, eventually getting her masters in Polished Diamond at the International Gemological Institute in Antwerp. Gaia Spallanzani continued her studies at the London Sotheby’s Institute of Art in Jewel Design. This study of both gemstones and design can be seen in the company’s well made and artfully designed pieces. All jewels are still entirely made in Italy, outside of Vicenza.

Gaia’s love for semi couture can be seen through the Only You collection, which goes back to family tradition, while also staying contemporary. During Valentine’s Day in 1970, son of the founder, Guido Spallanzani created a bracelet with the letters ‘TSTQC’ as the centerpiece. This translates to ‘tu sei tutto quello che amo / you are all that I love.’ How romantic! Now, you can create your own customizable bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces. This line also contain Astrological pieces, keeping up to date with contemporary trends.

From the beginning, Spallanzani enjoyed being part of the Milan social scene. They produced fabulous fashion shows which no socialite wanted to miss! This interest is parties and celebrities can be seen in their Stella line. These pieces all incorporate the star motif, seen in earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Keeping in tune with contemporary trends, there is even a few piercing earrings! You can find both the Stella and Only You collections on our marketplace!

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Gaia Spallanzani jewelry designer
Spallanzani JewelsGaia Spallanzani
Spallanzani Jewelry Stella Chain Necklace set with white sapphires
Spallanzani JewelsStella Chain Necklace set with white sapphires
Spallanzani Jewelry Stella earrings with red stars
Spallanzani JewelsStella Earrings with rubies
Spallanzani Jewelry Only You Think Pink bracelet with pink sapphires
Spallanzani JewelsOnly You Think Pink bracelet with pink sapphires
Spallanzani Astro ring Aries
Spallanzani JewelsSpallanzani Astro ring Aries
Spallanzani Jewelry Only You Love Charm earring set with tsavorites and rubies
Spallanzani JewelsOnly You Love Charm earring set with tsavorites and rubies

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Spallanzani Jewels

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