Spinelli Kilcollin

He imagined a simple jewelry ring concept now one had done before: stacking up several rings together and attached by a link. Yves Spinelli and Dwyer Kilcollin partnered up to launched a modern, simple, efficient and super cool jewelry brand.

They started as business partners before decided to become partners in life. The proliferation of Spinelli Kilcollin has caught the attention of the industry’s leading fashion giants with Vogue Market Editor Selby Drummond calling it “a phenomenon. I’ve never seen before”. From bracelets to pearl earrings and statement rings elaborate on the designer’s infinite inspirations and wild imagination.

Spinelli Kilcollin was founded in 2010 by Yves Spinelli and Dwyer Kilcollin. The brand has rapidly grown for the versatility factor of their creations in addition to the endless options for customization. The striking aesthetic and tactility of the pieces makes them quite popular with customers for their trendy and elegant look. In a marketplace saturated with highly-ornate jewelry his compositions stand out with clean, architectural lines that attract attention with minimalistic class and design.

The brand’s signature trademark is the functionality of their linked rings, which can be worn in a variety of ways – combining utility and glamour. Intricate craftsmanship, high-quality materials and contemporary minimalist aesthetic come together to form Spinelli’s ethos – one that perfectly embodies the artists’ vision for bold, structural and clean jewelry.

With a new, defining voice the brand fills a void in the marketplace for fine jewellery. The collections include the iconic Galaxy Connected Rings and Bangles, South Sea Pearls, Solid Silver Cuffs and Rings as well as some new styles that build on top of the existing concepts. All of Spinelli Kilcollin’s creations are characterized by a dynamic composition and versatile design, which allows for multiple ways of wearing them.

Ranging from youthful to sophisticated and edgy to elegant – the pieces boast striking fluidity from the blending of masculine and feminine energy. The voice of Spinelli Kilcollin defines a new vocabulary of fine jewelry – one of simple luxury or luxurious simplicity that is uncannily unique. Symbolism is a powerful tool in the world of the brand, albeit not as strong as their willingness to strip bare every piece down to its core essentials and let them speak for themselves.

Spinelli Kilcolin portrait
Spinelli Kilcollin
Spinelli Kilcollin Nova rose stack ring 
Spinelli KilcollinNova rose stack ring 
Spinelli Kilcollin Atlas ring mounted on yellow gold
Spinelli KilcollinAtlas Vert ring mounted on yellow gold
Spinelli Kilcollin Ring set with white and black diamonds mounted on black gold
Spinelli KilcollinRing set with white and black diamonds mounted on black gold
Spinelli Kilcollin Bracelet mounted on yellow and rose gold set with diamonds
Spinelli KilcollinBracelet mounted on yellow and rose gold set with diamonds

Spinelli Kilcollin

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