“LONGMEN” Titanium, natural pearls and diamonds Chinese dragon-carp pendant

48,900  exc. tax

Evoking an ancient Asian symbol of courage and success, this leaping carp seizes a marvelous diamond, enhanced with three grey natural pearls.

In China, Longmen cliffs on the Yellow River are a very difficult to cross for the valiant carps leaping up the river. Succeeding to cross them, is to become a dragon!

Even nowadays the Chinese expression “Deng Longmen” (to cross the Dragon Doors), means to accomplish a brilliant career: The “Dragon Carp” symbolizes the success well deserved by efforts, perseverance and obstacles overcome.

Glowing in its iridescent blue titanium scales set with diamonds, our courageous symbol seizes a pendant composed of three grey natural pearls, topped with a superb 1.04 ct. brilliant-cut diamond.

Longmen pendant is a jewel of luck and optimism, illustrating the rewarded efforts.

The anodized titanium brings its lightness, its solidity and vibrating hues, underlined by the diamonds.

Wonders of nature and of the marine world, three natural pearls with an incomparable orient lend their preciousness to this exceptional piece, enhanced by a remarkable round-cut diamond.

Inspired by both Asian and Art Nouveau aesthetics, this piece offers, through the energy of its design and the refinement of its materials, a contemporary vision of an eternal symbol.


18K white gold

Central brilliant cut diamond 1.04 cts E, VVS2, GIA.

Total small diamonds 0.50 cts

Natural pearls: 0.69 cts, 1.14 cts, 1.34 cts.

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