Frédérique Berman

Geneva-based Frédérique Berman infuses Mediterranean civilization, spirituality and symbol-inspired jewelry collections with elegance and humor. Our favorite of the week.

Parisian-born Frédérique Berman embraces a rather assertive style, where classically-inspired design is modernized through a totally unabashed approach to jewelry. “I create jewelry that is precious yet not serious” explains the creator, “I love that my jewelry adds a touch of discreet originality, that it invites women to assert their personality”.

Her collections harmoniously blend together references from ancient art, Renaissance masters as well as more up-to-the-minute movements, such as Art Deco. The former École du Louvre graduate grew up in the midst of the Arts, assiduously visiting museums to soak up the forms, colors and textures which were at hand.

Upon graduation, Frédérique Berman started her professional life dealing in antique furniture, art objects and paintings. Although her eye, as a creator, is honed whenever she is in contact with exceptional pieces, she readily admits she has a particular ‘soft spot’ for jewelry; a creator who has forever adored drawing pieces, experimenting with color combinations, and twisting forms. After the birth of her second child, Frédérique took the plunge and enrolled on a gemology course. And, oh what a revelation. After several months of work, her first prototypes saw the light of day in June 2018 and were favorably welcomed by customers. Encouraged by this feedback, the creator buckled down to developing her own collections, where pearls appear to reign supreme.

When questioned about the special relationship she has with this gem, Frédérique states that “pearls are a source of fascinating light. When worn, they are forever flattering, they illuminate the skin and the expression as mother-of-pearl has a one-of-a-kind way of diffusing light”.  To exalt them even more so, Frédérique has chosen to pair them with colored stones, occasionally subtle, occasionally vibrant. For her Zeus brooch, the creator drew her inspiration from the scepter of the king of Greek gods; she imagined as such a brooch made of a Baroque pearl, representing a sacred cloud traversed by a streak of diamonds, which mutate into sapphire briolettes. Along a totally different line, whenever Frédérique works with colored stones on their own, this leads to a collection of statement rings, such as her Amorgos model set with luminous turquoise, or her reinterpreted Art-Deco-style Minos ring adorned with deep red coral.

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Frédérique Berman

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