Can Tiffany & Co Rings be resized whether they are in gold, silver or mesh ?

Tiffany & Co. double ring

In most cases, rings can be resized. Tiffany rings are no exception to the difference that certain rules apply depending on the type of ring, the type of metal or how many sizes does the ring need to be adjusted.

Author By The Eye of Jewelry Editorial Team

Receiving a ring that does not fit properly can be unfortunate. In the case someone cannot change the size of the ring directly at the shop it was bought, jewelers can adjust its size whether it’s too big or too small. Fortunately, most rings can be resized, and Tiffany rings are no exception to that. In most cases, if you have a receipt or proof of purchase, Tiffany & Co will change your ring for free. In the case where your ring is not brand new, for example, if you have inherited it from your family or if you bought it at a Vintage or second hand store or even at Auction, you can still find options. If you bring a Tiffany classic gold ring that needs a smaller size, most artisan jewelers can and will cut into the shank to remove some metal. The jeweler will then have to melt and reassemble the shank to the proper size. The risk is multiple: first, in the case your finger gets swollen or bloated (it often happens in the summer) you won’t be able to wear your Tiffany & Co ring anymore. Secondly, all of the Tiffany rings are engraved on the inside of the jewel as a signature to proof its authenticity. Working on the gold in removing a portion of it, may remove the part engraved part. In order to avoid both problems, you can leave your original Tiffany ring as it is and add up to three tiny sizing balls inside the shank to help with the size. This technique only works if you need to adjust your ring with a smaller size. Similarly, if you need a larger size, usually jewelers can cut into the shank to add some extra metal.

There are two very important things to consider when wanting a Tiffany & Co ring resized. First, you need to know what is the type of ring that you want resized and secondly, how many sizes up or down do you need. Most Tiffany rings can easily be resized. Engagement rings set in gold or platinum with plain shanks are fairly easy for jewelers to work with. These rings can be sized by a couple of sizes, while more sophisticated rings cannot. Most of the high jewelry rings found in the Blue Book or Colors of Tiffany collection that are set with large center stones, detailed designs and side stones on the shank can be very difficult to resize even with one size, let alone at all. In the case that you high jewelry Tiffany ring is too big, adding sizing balls might be your best option.

Tiffany & Co mesh rings are a style that also cannot be easily resized. The material does not lend itself to be cut into easily nor reassembled in the original and correct way. If you were to find a jeweler who would resize Tiffany’s mesh rings, not only it would be very costly but it may affect the original design and proportion of your Tiffany ring.

When it comes to bracelets, Tiffany & Co. will take a close look at them in order to evaluate if they can be shortened or not. Again, proof of purchase and other conditions may apply. Depending on the style, Tiffany bracelets are easier than others to resize and adjust. The easiest are the link bracelets from the Return to Tiffany or Tiffany City collections which can be easily removed or added. As much as the rings, the mesh bracelets are close to impossible to adjust. It is extremely difficult to break through the mesh and put it back together without losing

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