Tiffany & Co.

An iconic blue box tied with a white ribbon embodies the contemporary sophistication that abound Tiffany & Co’s  splendid collections, where dreams become a reality.

No other brand has made a better name for itself in creating pieces that are an enduring statement of love, romance and eternal bond than Tiffany. For those special occasions that transform a person’s life there is a whole array of scintillating jewelry that make an unexpected statement and add a touch of magic.

Tiffany & Co has perfected the art of romance and written new chapters in the book of love and passion with exuberant creations and inspirational designs that celebrate the most beautiful moments in life. For over 175 years the brand has actively partaken in the writing of the world’s most moving love stories by creating jewellery as strong and lasting as the bonds that hold two souls together ‘till death does them part’.

Tiffany’s wedding bands and engagement rings are a true celebration of the pure union of two lives – sincere, open and full of dreams. The legendary brilliance of the jewellery is amongst the many qualities that they possess as centuries of expertise and delicate work go in the making of each individual piece. From the bold and graceful Atlas collection to the breathtakingly original Enchant – the finest materials blend in a perfect union of design and craftsmanship to create something ethereal and ever-lasting. Because where words fade, Tiffany remains…

Flawlessly crafted and luminous beyond belief – Tiffany & Co. has been defining American luxury, glamour and elegance since 1837. Loyal to its vision for originality and daring innovation, the brand’s designers have continuously raised the bar to new artistic heights as evidenced by the bold and exotic Paloma Picasso collection.

When speaking of Tiffany it is impossible to relay all the exuberant beauty and eclectic sophistication that is inherent in their original and spellbinding collections, set to perfection and lit by an inner flame.

Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany & Co Tiffany T Smile pendant
Tiffany & Co.Tiffany T Smile pendant
Tiffany & Co - Engagement rings 
Tiffany & Co.Engagement rings 
Tiffany & Co The Art of the Sea Turquoise necklace 
Tiffany & Co.The Art of the Sea - Turquoise necklace 
Tiffany & Co Tiffany key bracelet
Tiffany & Co.Tiffany key bracelet

Tiffany & Co.

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