Learn About The Manufacturing And Authenticity Of Tiffany Jewelry

Tiffany & Co. manufacturing

For the most part, Tiffany & Co. Jewelry is manufactured in the United States. They will take advantage of other locations, if the craftsmen are present. Tiffany & Co. does not authenticate their jewelry, but there are ways to be sure what you are purchasing is real.

Author By Holly Albertson

Where is Tiffany & Co. jewelry manufactured?

Being one  of the top jewelers in the world, it makes sense to wonder in what of the world does the Tiffany & Co. jewelry made. From diamond and gemstone jewelry to their silver lines, everything is made with the utmost care. Their manufacturers are world-class, hailing from all over the world. Bloomberg reported in 2011 that Tiffany’s manufacturing facilities produce approximately 60% of their product, while the rest comes from third parties.

Most of their manufacturing facilities are located in the United States. The facility in Cumberland, Rhode Island, handles jewelry manufacturing, silver hollowware as well as polishing. Their Pelham, New York, operation also works in jewelry manufacturing and polishing, with gemstone setters as well. Mt. Vernon, New York also houses jewelry manufacturing, polishing and gemstone setting. Many of their watchmakers, engravers and crystal etchers work in Parsippany, New Jersey. Their Jewelry Manufacturing Shop in New York City houses polishers, gemstones setters and engravers. As this is close to their Flagship Store, these jobs are likely for quicker repairs or custom projects.

When it comes to Switzerland and their reputation in watchmaking, Tiffany has watchmakers in San Sulpice, Switzerland. Italy and Asia also house some manufacturing facilities for Tiffany.

These different locations allow for Tiffany to work in areas that are known for specific crafts, such as Switzerland for watchmakers. Tiffany is continuing to strive for greatness, and finding these talented craftsman is the way to continue their legacy.

Will Tiffany & Co. Authenticate Jewelry?

Tiffany & Co. will not authenticate your jewelry. If you are purchasing from a Tiffany Store, you can be 100% sure that it is real. If you are purchasing from another outlet, you can’t, but there are ways to help you decide if what you are purchasing is real.

First, if you take an item into a Tiffany Store, they will not authenticate nor appraise your item, but they will not do any work on anything that they believe might be fake. While they won’t provide any documentation on the matter, they won’t clean, polish, or touch anything they consider to be fake.

Take your item to a reputable auction house or appraiser and have them evaluate the item. They have likely seen many Tiffany items, both real and fake, and will have better eyes to spot the fake items.

Always check for hallmarks, stamps and numbers. Most Tiffany items will have a Tiffany stamp on them. Perhaps if it is an older item, it might not have been stamped, but it will have indicators that it is Tiffany manufacturing. All parts will be of high quality, such as claps, settings and metal.

Whether the item was produced in the United States, Switzerland, Italy or China, all Tiffany pieces will have pristine craftsmanship. This will aid in authenticating any Tiffany piece you purchase outside of their stores.

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