Victor Houplain

From all the designers we have been lucky to encounter through the years for The Eye of Jewelry, Victor Houplain has been one of the youngest and most driven by passion and determination.

Since he was a child, Victor Houplain has been keenly aware of elegant beauty in any case. His inspirations come from different sources from craftsmanship to architecture stepping by the automotive sector. After a background in business and marketing, the French designer decided to launch his eponymous brand in 2015 at the age of 22. His jewelry brand reflects his values and deep interest for traditional craftsmanship 100% French made. As a matter of fact, it exudes from its creations a deep respect for precision and a strong taste for clean and contemporary lines.

It is no surprise that everything from Victor Houplain jewelry is locally made in France. From its workshop based in Paris area to his packaging manufacturer, each jewelry piece is handmade with love by talented workmen. His vibrant jewels are brought to life thanks to high skills artisans awarded with the title of Best Worker in France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). It is notably the case of the lace bracelet that needs 15 hours of manual cuts to be turned from a solid gold plate into an intricate 18carat gold bangle.

His creations capture precious lifetime moments: from an artistic encounter that gave birth to the Lace bracelet to his second half that inspires him by the Link bracelet, Victor Houplain jewelry hold memory close for all time. Until now, Victor Houplain has focused on creating unique pieces to enhance women’s wrists with elegance and simplicity. One of our favorite is the medallion bracelet set with glittering white or black diamonds that is incredibly light and so easy to match available on The Eye of Jewelry’s marketplace. Worn alone or layered with other styles, the medallion bracelet has everything to become your life’s perfect companion.

Victor Houplain Portrait
Victor Houplain
Victor Houplain Lien bracelet mounted on rose gold with diamonds
Victor HouplainLien bracelet mounted on rose gold with diamonds
Victor Houplain Dentelle Bracelet mounted on yellow gold
Victor HouplainDentelle Bracelet mounted on yellow gold
Victor Houplain Médaillon Bracelet mounted on white gold with black diamonds
Victor HouplainMédaillon Bracelet mounted on white gold with black diamonds
Victor Houplain Longévité Bracelet mounted on whte gold with diamonds
Victor HouplainLongévité Bracelet mounted on whte gold with diamonds

Victor Houplain

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