Victor Velyan

Starting as a Rock and Roll musician then moving 12 years to Africa as a safari leader, it has taken Victor Velyan quite some time before becoming the genuine jeweler he has become. These very different lifestyles have helped to craft together the vibrant, multi-faceted jeweler we see today mastering the art of gold and colored stones.

In 1984, Victor Velyan started working as a diamond setter, followed by becoming a jeweler’s apprentice. In 1995, Velyan opened a manufacturing shop, Victor-Christy in Los Angeles, California. After spending some time designing and manufacturing for others, Victor Velyan started his own jewelry line. Victor drew inspiration from his love of music, nature, animals from Africa, architecture and cultures from his many travels.

Victor’s bold, colorful statement pieces are unique for many reasons, but specifically with his patina technique. This process involves diluting metals, such as copper, iron and zinc, in acid for one to two years. Victor is then able to paint this mixture onto silver, creating interesting textures colored in green, brown and antique ivory. The mixture can be painted in a solid fashion, with a patterned texture, or any type of thickness you desire. This unique material choice allows for a depth to Victor’s pieces, something we aren’t seeing in many other contemporary designers at this time.

Not only is Victor’s patina technique an element of some pieces, it also provides for a backdrop for his love of gemstones. Victor appreciates stones, so much so that almost all of his bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings are composed of brightly colored gemstones. There is no focus on needing precious gemstones only, as Victor truly just uses gemstones he finds interesting. Some of his favorite are fire opals, Paraiba tourmalines and blue zircon we can spot in his open cuffs.

Victor’s love of metalsmithing can be seen in all of his handmade pieces. From the patina to various hammered looks, these items have an Old World feeling that he is inspired by. Victor is hoping to find customers in a cool, bold woman, one who will strongly and beautifully wear his statement pieces!

Victor Velyan Jewelry Designer
Victor Velyan
Victor Velyan Open Cuff mounted on gold with Mexican Fire Opals and diamonds
Victor VelyanOpen Cuff mounted on gold with Mexican Fire Opals and diamonds
Victor Veylan Ring mounted on gold with Paraiba diamonds and Paraiba Mele
Victor VelyanRing mounted on gold with Paraiba, diamonds and Paraiba Mele
Victor Velyan Pendant mounted on gold with Pear Shape Blue Zircon & Diamonds
Victor VelyanPendant mounted on gold with Pear Shape Blue Zircon and Diamonds
Victor Velyan Cuff links mounted on gold with Carnelians
Victor VelyanCuff links mounted on gold with Carnelians
Victor Velyan Earrings mounted on gold with Emeralds and Diamonds
Victor VelyanEarrings mounted on gold with emeralds and diamonds

Victor Velyan

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