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Famous for its iconic Reverso model, Jaeger-Lecoultre has been one of the top brand of the watch industry. As part of the big four (Patek Philippe, Rolex and Audemars Piguet) JLC keeps on innovating and creating the most desired watches. Luxury watch-making at its finest through the superb combination of heritage of invention, creativity and technical skill

From the rarest craft professions to the most cutting-edge technologies – Jaeger Lecoultre are known are praised for their luxury timepieces that are the epitome of classic elegance and timeless style. Master-watchmakers, engineers and technicians craft each watch in harmony, guided by time-honoured know-how and a constant quest for technical enhancements together with passion and vision for innovation.

Hand-decorated with extreme detail, the watches of the brand resemble true works of art as they match technical and aesthetic perfection to complete an outstanding work worthy of the beauty of the complication. The brand is renowned for its strong commitment to transforming small pieces of metal into mechanical marvels through the passing on of knowledge. Nurturing its corporate identity, Jaeger Lecoultre brings together artisans, watchmakers, engineers, technicians, artists and mechanics under one roof in its quest to create timepieces that represent a concentrated blend of expertise and a powerful cultural symbol.

For over 170 years the luxury watchmaker has been known as the “Grande Maison” of watchmaking complications. The brand’s constant desire to excel and pursue technical mastery has propelled it to the top of the horology industry as it embodies the fusion of contemporary style with the finest traditions in watchmaking. From the eponymous Reverso collection, which marked the beginning of an iconic piece in the distant 1931 to their modern interpretation of other complications such as the Tourbillon or the Minute Repeater – all pieces are conceived and mastered down to the most minute details, content and design to merge in perfect harmony, ensuring supreme pleasure for the wearer.

Celebrating the delicacy and finesse of feminine beauty and mystique, the Grand Maison released the ultimate accessory for every modern woman – the Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin fitted with miniature Haute Horlogerie calibres. Diamonds, rubies, white and yellow gold are woven together to stand aart in their diversity and extreme refinement.

Reverso One High Jewelry
The Rendez-Vous Moon
Rendez-vous Sonatina
La Montre Extraordinaire La Rose
Antoine LeCoultre founds his first workshop and invents a machine to produce watchmaking pinions.
Antoine creates the world’s most accurate measuring instrument -the Millionomètre.
Antoine creates a revolutionary system which renders keys to rewind and set watches obsolete.
The brand participates in the Universal Exhibition in London.
LeCoultre & Cie becomes the first Manufacture of the Joux Valley.
LeCoultre & Cie manufactures calibres with complications in small series for the first time in watchmaking history.