The raw charm of BE8’ gender fluid jewelry. We’re whisked away with the travel journals of the Italian brand BE8, which enchants with its liberal combinations of materials.

For Beppe Callegari and his brother Andrea, jewelry is part of family life. The two brothers, third generation of a line of craftsmen-jewelers, learned their trade in the family studio before heading off in 2013 to create their own label, BE8.

Ever since childhood, they’ve been deeply attached to their roots and to the values they were brought up with. And, it’s probably this that led them to launch their own range, driven by a very precise idea of what they wanted to breathe into their jewelry.

BE8 is not just a jewelry brand, as it defines itself as a real creative concept lab which promotes a message of positivity, ethics and authenticity through its creations. Beppe Callegari moreover adds that his dream to transform BE8 into “a place more than a business, where people can meet and inspire each other, by challenging rules.”

Inspiration frequently flows from an encounter, from discovering a city or from the striking beauty of a scenescape. And, in fact, it was a personal experience that inspired Beppe Callegari for his first collection: a gold ring topped with an XXL-sized heart. Primo Cuore or how jewelry prevails over words…

Another of the Italian brand’s trump cards is its love of gender fluid pieces as seen in its line of sterling silver cuff bangles, bracelets and rings which tailor to all wardrobes, for all women and men alike.

At BE8, collection is a word never used; pride of place is given to the travel journal whose guiding thread could well be the spontaneity of combinations. Gold and silver mix with bronze, whilst white diamonds and rubies keep company with yellow, orange and light-green sapphires. A bespoke stylistic signature which has turned the Italian brand into a rising star of the jewelry scene.

Otto Jewels Lifestyle 2
BE8Ring #1241 mounted on 9kt rose gold set with white diamonds
Otto Jewels #CH019 Necklace mounted on 9kt rose gold and 925 sterling silver
BE8Necklace #CH019 mounted on 9kt rose gold and 925 sterling silver
Otto Jewels Lifestyle Manchette #1046 en argent 925
BE8Cuff #1046 mounted on 925 sterling silver

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