A dazzling stone for April babies!

If you happen to be an April baby, lucky you ! Diamond is your stone.

Author By Teoj

When we talk about diamonds, we obviously think of the song “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” performed by Marilyn Monroe. And she was right!  The most precious of stones is adored by the female world for its preciousness, uniqueness and its symbol of ultimate love…

To all April babies, your stone would bring peace, harmony and accompany meditations. This precious stone would revitalize the soul and the spirit. Also, the diamond would amplify and purify energies, it is even said that it would keep away electromagnetic waves. Associated with fidelity and trust, it symbolizes eternal love.


Enchanted Lotus – DE BEERS
Maxi heart ring mounted on 9kt rose gold set with white diamonds (1.03cts). – OTTO JEWELS
Hammered ring mounted on 18kt yellow gold set with 7 diamonds – RIVKA NAHMIAS
Sexylilicious necklace mounted on sterling silver (925) set with white diamonds – DE JAEGHER
Look ring in diamonds and emerald – TABAYER
Cherry Blossom earring mounted on 9k white gold set with diamonds (0,78ct) – MORPHÉE JOAILLERIE PARIS
Comète chevron bracelet 18K white gold, diamonds – CHANEL
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