Would you rather be or wear a Lady Bovet ?

In 2010 Bovet unveiled the Amadeo® convertible case concept. A versatile new system allowing a timepiece to be transformed from a wristwatch to a pocket watch, a pendant watch or even a desk clock with the use of one single tool. In 2016, Bovet introduces the Lady Bovet Fleur de Vie empowered by the actress Madeleine Stowe.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

To back up a little in history, the Lady Bovet preceeded a series of mechanical developements. 2014 was the year Bovet developed the infamous system of the Calibre à Spécialités Horlogères: the Virtuoso II. Entirely produced by BOVET’s in-house engineers and artisans, it is the very first movement from the manufacture that is not regulated by a tourbillon ! Unveiled as two timepieces from the DIMIER collection (Récital 12 and Récital 15), this new calibre is a clear testament to the ambition of the brand in developing new feminine complications. Strikingly intricate, it stands out with the ability to display hours and minutes on both sides of the movement, and present various indications and complications.

The Amadeo® mechanism still captivates collectors around the world with its one-of-a-kind modularity. The collection ventures into new creative directions with the arrival of Lady BOVET and its 39mm diameter case. This gives women the incredible opportunity to enjoy a mouvement with a seven days autonomy.

The first face of the Lady BOVET relays the delicate expression and finesse of the specific architecture and technical expertise of the Virtuoso II. An off-cantered dial at 12 o’clock houses the hours and minutes hands, allowing the movement’s atypical structure to be fully appreciated. The several bridges exhibit voluptuous shapes with concentric curves on the dial as if they embrace it. Balance and symmetry come together in calculated harmony in the timepiece as a composition. The seconds carriage at 6 o’clock completes the vertical axis with a triple hand, with each arm successively tracing the 120° scale on the dial. The centre wheel and its bridge, both visible at 4o’clock, with a power-reserve indicator fixed at 10 o’clock.[vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/177814701″]A quick and easy maneuver permits the timepiece to be worn on the reverse side, revealing an entirely different face. A classic dial displaying the hours and the minutes graces the second side of this timepiece, featuring either a hand-gilded flower of life engraved on mother-of-pearl or the same motif in grand feu enamel.

Throughout history and many cultures, the flower of life ihas been universally-recognised as a symbol of balance and vitality. It is a perfect representation of the charity work that has united BOVET and the Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ) association since 2012. This partnership marked the beginning of a close friendship between Pascal Raffy and actress Madeleine Stowe, who has been elected as the face of this new line. In addition to BOVET’s annual contribution to the cause supported by APJ, 10% of the value of every Lady BOVET Fleur de Vie timepiece will be donated to the association.

And if these two distinctive identities were not enough, Lady BOVET comes with a chain that enables the timepiece to be worn as a pendant. Similarly to the cases equipped with the Amadeo® mechanism, it can also be converted into a desk clock with the use of a single tool. With this latest creation, BOVET 1822 has expanded its women’s collections with the same diversity and versatility of models and performance as with its male models. The newly-introduced dimensions and refined nature of the design perfectly suit the delicate feminine nature. The Lady BOVET can be personalized with an infinite array of options that include hand-engraving, gem-setting or miniature painting carried out on request by the Maison’s craftsmen for a truly unique piece that perfectly embodies the wearer’s individuality and life’s passions.

Bovet Lady Bovet Fleur de Vie - "Flower of Life" motif set on Black enamel Grand Feu
Bovet – Lady Bovet Fleur de Vie – “Flower of Life” motif set on Black enamel Grand Feu
Bovet Lady Bovet Flower of Life Amadeo Fleurier - Unique piece
Bovet – Lady Bovet Flower of Life Amadeo Fleurier – Unique piece
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