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Alexandra Abramczyk

An exotic allure translated in the passionate colors and nature-where Alexandra Abramczyc takes her inspiration from the Argentinean pampa, where her inspired shapes  captivates the imagination and dazzles the mind.

Exuberant and vivid pendants, inspired by the lush and beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean, are the core of Alexandra Abramczyk’s line of high-end jewelry that brilliantly conveys the emotions within the female soul. Her wonderful designs and impeccable craftsmanship make for sunny souvenirs of pure decadence and luxurious elegance.

Her undisputed love for bright and colourful gemstones is obvious in her dazzling creations that are a true celebration of the exuberance of Nature with a powerful blend of opals, turquoise, onyx, diamonds, gold and quartz in a variety of shapes and nuances. High attention to detail and expertise allow for these gemstones to shine bright in their purest, most natural form possible – enhanced by delicate designs and impeccable craftsmanship. The end result is a fascinating blend of elegance and adventure that come together in a magical combination that inspires and mesmerizes women of all ages.


Endlessly inspired by Nature’s most beautiful and pristine forms – Alexandra Abramczyk’s jewelry is wonderfully earthly, lush and luminous. Highly-ornate and boasting several eye-catching elements – each pendant is an allegorical celebration of life’s riches with its brilliant play on nuances, materials and forms. Animalistic figures and floral patterns intertwine to recreate natural scenes in all their captivating simplicity and beauty – a powerful message conveyed through nature’s finest and most precious masterpieces.

With passion and strong dedication Alexandra Abramczyk shapes the philosophy of her brand as one that defies conservative trends and sets forth daring standards for beauty and fashion. Her pendants are the ideal addition to any outfit and capture attention with size, materials and craftsmanship – the perfect combination of statement elegance and luxurious charm. Her bold approach to entering the world of high-end jewellery has placed Alexandra right at the top of the market.

Alexandra Abramczyk
Hippocampe necklace mounted on yellow gold with diamonds, tsavorites, paraiba
Alexandra Abramczyk
Rainbow ring mounted on yellow gold, opal, Sapphires, tsavorites, amethysts and diamonds
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