Which stone will help you keep your January resolutions?

New year,  new me ? Generally easier to list than to keep, resolutions represent, for many, the turning point of a new year. Whether it’s to take up sports again or even to start our own business, we all need a boost to get that new energy going.

Author By vaninalazard

For an emotional support and a real booster, think about garnet! This sublime stone with red and brown shades has been used for thousands of years in jewelry. Formerly confused with ruby, used by the Vikings during ceremonies or as engraving tools for its strength, garnet has crossed many paths before being known for its virtues and its rare strength.

And what about its properties? On the psychic level, this stone will bring you joy and strength of life. It is associated with a better self-confidence and a power of will. On the physical side, it ensures a strengthened heart, toned organs and a stimulated libido… Without any doubt, here goes a selection of pieces that will be more than beneficial to you in January:



Locket Candy Heart Punk, Marie Lichtenberg.

This 14K matte gold barrel is set with multi-colored sapphires with a central garnet surrounded by orange and yellow enamel.




Eternelle ring, Buccellati.

This ring is in brushed white gold enhanced with engraved yellow gold and set with a faceted garnet, brilliant cut diamonds and oval emeralds. According to Buccellati, it “embodies pure beauty and elegance. The iridescent surface blends with the brightly colored stones full of charm and mystery.”

Boucles d'oreilles Or rose 18 cts Grenat et Diamants EverBloom 1
This asymmetrical pair is 2-in-1 and can be worn as a single loop. The floral design features a 4mm center stone and 5 diamond “petals” hanging below the ear, enough to grace your most beautiful dresses in a sexy and elegant way.
Heart Pink necklace, Brooke Gregson.
Worthy of the 1920s, this 18ct yellow gold pendant is set with a heart-cut garnet and tourmaline pavement is designed from recycled gold that reflects the process of craftsmanship and sustainability.
Grenat candle, January birthstone, Maison Romae.
To finish and as every month, Maison Romae is proposing a candle that hides an oval cut garnet of about 3 carats nestled in a 100% vegetable beeswax and soya wax.
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