The Bvlgari Serpenti: the most iconic Italian watch of the decenie

2016 marked for Bvlgari the year of the Serpenti: their most iconic woman’s watch design. The famous “Snake watch” has been designed in a variety of styles from high jewelry to casual;  mixing diamonds and rubies; enamel and gold; and single or double wrist-wrap. Anything is welcome and everything was made mastering a skill Bvlgari has been practicing with perfection for years!

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Modernity and seduction: creative watchmaking the bulgari way. 

Bvlgari Diva's dream
Bvlgari – Diva’s dream

The most iconic design of the Italian house has been seducing women for decades and various generations entwining their wrist with dazzling snakes.  The symbolic  and  fascinating  creature has long graced Bulgari’s most prominent feminine timepiece collection and became a status symbol on its own. If Incantati  means  “enchanting”  in  Italian  the newest line of the secret and high jewelry timepieces is simply captivating.
Easy to wear, a new version of the Serpenti watch comes with the Tubogas bracelet. Several new additions to the Serpenti line include the Diva  watch, presenting a unique interpretation of what elegance and beauty mean in the modern world with a supple articulation  between a watch  and a bracelet. Bulgari once  again  successfully blends exquisite Swiss watchmaking and flawless Italian jewellery in a combination of eponymous harmony, balance and quality. Creativity and experimentation thus join forces in shaping a refined vision of watchmaking under the brand’s name.

The serpenti incantati : a jewelry timepiece full of charm.

The precious new Serpenti  Incantati watch is an entirely fresh and original reinterpretation of the familiar theme, placing it in a more modern context.  The mysterious and mesmerizing reptilian has long graced the creations of the Italian  Maison, evoking feelings of subtle power, graceful elegance and hypnotizing symmetry. Now, the original new design exhibits the snake coiling around the watch  dial with the body of the creature demonstrating more contemporary, fluid and curvaceous lines.  This defines the character of the new jewelry line as softer and more stylized. It appears, without a doubt, that the famed jeweler has domesticated the highly-elusive creature in their new timepieces.

Bvlgari Serpenti Incantati watch
Bvlgari – Serpenti Incantati

Drawing inspiration from a vintage brooch crafted in the 1930’s Bulgari Haute Joaillerie ateliers have outdone themselves in crafting a piece that bridges the gap between past and present, relying on heritage, vision and unmatched workmanship.

Limited editions: a contemporary hommage to historical models

Bvlgari Serpenti Secret Watch
Bvlgari – Serpenti Secret Watch

Two other bespoke limited edition watches under the Serpenti theme will also be unveiled by Bulgari. The double wrap-around bracelets and the heads of the animal are set with diamonds, while emerald or ruby eyes adding to the entrancing snake a hypnotic gaze. The colours of these models are accentuated by intense lacquers:  one  of  the  versions  plays  with the sombre  nuance of  black,  while  the  other  one coils a deep emerald green around the entire bracelet, in contrast with the deep ruby red eyes. These two contemporary models are a tribute to the signature Serpenti motif testifying the enduring ability of reinvention and metamorphosis through constant creativity and daring vision of the Italian house.

What is more modern than tubogas after all … 

The Tubogas has been a Bulgari’s signature for years but is seeing a breath of fresh air and contemporary relevance infused with its proud heritage presenting the Tubogas bracelet. Two  interpretations of the Tubogas  bracelet  are  presented: one  with a radiant  gleam  of  polished  steel that exalts the  architectural and  technical austerity  of  the  articulated  bracelet and a combination of shimmering chrome and gold reflections, demonstrating Bulgari’s bespoke mastery of powerful metals. The signature wear of the bracelet has been retained with the models sensuously wrapping twice around the wrist. It attests a specific Bulgari technical skill consisting of assembling gold or steel ribbon-like strips with flawlessly rounded contours around a core spring, without any soldering.

Unique, but never uniform, these well-known pieces are continuously renewed and redesigned under Bulgari’s creative signature to continue placing the brand at the forefront of haute-joaillerie ateliers.

Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas watch grose gold
Bvlgari – Serpenti Tubogas
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