Can you buy Chanel Jewelry online ?

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Chanel Jewelry is most widely offered at their brick and mortar stores, but there are a few online sites which carry their items. From their own site to a few retailers, you should be able to find an item you are looking for. Vintage Chanel Jewelry seems to be more prevalent online though, at the moment.

Author By Eleonor picciotto


Chanel Fil de Camelia Pendant diamonds mounted on white gold
Chanel Fil de Camelia Pendant

The Chanel Fashion House has been around since 1909, but their jewelry line was officially started later in 1933. They are known for their costume, fine and high jewelry. With current collections such as the Coco Crush, Plume De Chanel, and Bridal, many customers are seeking out their jewelry not only at stores, but also online.

Chanel has recently launched their own e-commerce site where they list their jewels. Depending on your location, your selection will vary. Additionally, they won’t always have the pricing listed, depending on where you are located. Their customer service and chat features are a great resource for finding out the prices as well as what you can purchase based on your location.

Most other online retailers will only sell Chanel Beauty and Fragrance, not their jewelry. Selfridges & Co, from London, sells some of Chanel’s Collections, but not all. Currently on their website they have the Camelia, Coco Crush, Ultra, Comete, 1932, Sous Le Signe Du Lion and the Baroque. As an example, Saks Fifth Avenue online only sells their watches, but not their jewelry.

Last year, as a trial, Chanel partnered with Net-A-Porter for an exclusive Chanel Coco Crush Pop Up that lasted three weeks only.  As it appeared to have been a successful operation, we do hope that they will continue to sell and add more Chanel collections!

Moving forward to the digital world, Chanel just announced a partnership with Farfetch. Currently on their website they have Vintage Chanel, including Vintage Jewelry. We can hope that they will continue to grow and add more current Chanel Jewelry Collections. If you’d like to purchase Vintage Chanel Jewelry, there are many more online outlets available than for the contemporary pieces. You’d want to be sure that they are a reputable source and offer many pictures and information to ensure the item is in fact ChanelPolyvore, The Real Real, and 1stdibs are some good sites to browse for these vintage items.

When looking for Chanel Jewelry, currently it seems their stores are your best bet. With a few resources online at the moment, it does seem like they are adding more and more outlets. We can only hope that they continue to do so!

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