Where are Chanel products made/manufactured?

Chanel Craftsmanship

When it comes to ready-to-wear and fine jewelry Chanel manufactures their items in Italy, Spain and Paris, similar to most other high-end designers. The Haute-Couture and High Jewelry pieces are exclusively made in Paris. They choose the area based on the specific needs of the items, as they strive to continue their reputation of high quality craftsmanship.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

The Chanel House started in 1909, in Paris, France. This was the beginning of it all, the hats, little black dresses, the Chanel Suit and then the accessories. Chanel continues to manufacture in France when it comes to ready-to-wear or haute couture collections, but they have also expanded to other common manufacturing areas such as Italy and Spain for their jewelry manufacturing. The High Jewelry pieces are exclusively made in their Parisian atelier near the Place Vendome.

Most of the Chanel accessories are made in Italy. This area is known for their skilled craftsmen, especially when dealing with leather. Chanel purses are made in both France and Italy, and sometimes even Spain. Coco herself wanted her purses and accessories to be both practical and luxurious, and only the finest craftsmen are able to achieve this. These shops have their artisans using fine machines to thread and quilt through the leather, yet they are hand cutting and molding the pieces to fit to perfection. They use both handmade aspects combined with precision machines that are carefully watched, in order to create the perfect purse that Coco would be proud of! These high quality items truly last, as you can see with all the vintage sales of Chanel Handbags. The iconic Flap Bag can be found in many vintage stores and sales, most in pristine condition. These bags are still created today, often with a new, contemporary twist, such as those seen in the Spring-Summer 2018 Collection. Some of these are made with PVC and metallic lambskin!

Many of Chanel’s Costume Jewelry collections involve leather, fabrics and other components that would benefit from being made in Italy or Spain. The same high quality artisans that are working on purses, are making components that work in Chanel’s Jewelry Line. These artisans are the best of the best, and their work clearly reflects that. You’ll see the use of leather fabrics in the Spring-Summer 2018 Pre Collection Costume Jewelry Line. Here, the use of calfskin leather can be found in both necklaces and cuffs.

Most of Chanel’s High Jewelry items involve a bit more work, leading the brand to choose Paris for their manufacturing. Paris is a hub for fine jewelry craftsmen, with many other top tier jewelers producing works out of here as well. These High Jewelry items are made exclusively in Chanel’s atelier at the Place Vendome in Paris. In 2015, the Chanel jewelry design studio was comprised of a team of  six people working with 25 skilled artisans. These designers are constantly looking for innovative practices, as well as always keeping the classic Chanel brand in mind. They are the start of the process; creating designs that will lead to some of the stunning pieces we are so eager to see every year. The artisans are housed in the same building in order to create a cohesive line based on the DNA of the house . These craftsmen are some of the best in the world, creating jewelry that will not only last in fashion, but also in quality.

Whether your Chanel item was manufactured in Italy, Spain or Paris, you can be sure that it is of the highest quality. Chanel specifically chooses the manufacturing location for each piece in order to have the best craftsmen work on the item. Nothing but the best for Chanel!

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