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De Jaegher

After the brand Stone she co-founded in 2004, Vanessa de Jaegher went on a new adventure creating her eponymous fine jewelry brand inspired by vintage references and rock’n’roll attitude. A challenge she succeeded with flying colors !

Vanessa de Jaegher was born and raised in the sparkling world of diamonds with a father who was a precious stones dealer and a mother who was a jewelry designer. No wonder then if Vanessa de Jaegher lives on and for jewelry since her youngest age.

The fluet blond studied law before stepping into graphic design. Shortly after she co-launched the fine diamond jewelry brand Stone back in 2004. When the two partners split up eight years into the adventure, Vanessa’s biggest challenge was to design a jewelry collection with a whole new identity, her identity.

As a tribute to her bohemian childhood made of travels and games, she took her inspiration from art and stories to create an edgy jewelry line where vintage references cross rock’n’roll attitude. Thick lines with fine settings all in monochromes of black and grey, she mixes silver and diamonds to create cool pieces at cool prices!

De Jae
De Jaegher
De JaegherSeventh Heaven cross pendant mounted on silver with white diamonds 
De Jaegher Heaven ring mounted on silver with white diamonds
De JaegherHeaven ring mounted on silver with white diamonds

De Jaegher

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