What makes a charm bracelet the piece you never want to remove?

Time flies by so fast and as much as we try to stop it, we can do little but simply treasure the wonderful memories that remain… Or perhaps there is one other thing to hold on to – the charm bracelet.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Few things are as moving and powerful as having bits of your favourable memorabilia fitted on a piece of jewelry you can wear always. One look down and you’re instantly reminded of all the special people, pets, travel experiences and so many other important events of your life. Just imagine – a sweet, constant reminder of everything that made you into the person you are today.

Jewelry is about surpassing the threshold of utility into the domain of treasured keepsakes and find a piece that resonates with you on a personal level. And nothing other than the charm bracelet fits this profile so fully. Playfully decorative and innocently charming – these are just some of the inherent qualities of this statement creation, making it suitable for women of all ages and social backgrounds. Many a time we even see A-list celebrities walking down the red carpet, sporting the personal and endearing jewelry item. And if it’s good enough for Beyoncé – it’s most certainly good enough for us!

How did the charm bracelet come into our life? The use of charms goes back as far as the Egyptian civilization, where elaborate jewelry made of precious stones and metals were fashioned into charm bracelets and necklaces to prepare for the afterlife. The Egyptians believed they had great protective powers and were also used as display of the social status of the wearer. And it was in the Middle Ages when knights and kings re-discovered the power of charms and amulets and started using them with incantations in battle. But it wasn’t until the early 20th century, when Queen Victoria ignited the next big wave of charm wearing.  The English monarch single-handedly pushed the dramatic change of purpose of the charm bracelet from being practical tools to becoming decorative fashion jewelry. Small lockets, glass beads and family crests started adorning bracelets and necklaces.

Today, many well-known brands have a fine selection of charm bracelets that suit any style and age. The elusive and always changing nature of the pieces is what makes them so suitable for women and so much more than just fancy pieces of jewelry. They are the very representation of love and closeness materialized in something personalized and unique to express the invisible bonds between souls.

A charm bracelet tells your life story and the beauty of it is that it grows and changes with you every step of the way.  So many models and variations to choose from and, what’s even grater – they are always subject to further customizations. Just think about it! A single piece of jewelry that never stops evolving – just like your fashion style. You can always wear it and it will never go out of style…every woman’s dream.

Dinh Van Menottes collection
Dinh Van – Menottes collection
Cartier Amulette collection
Cartier – Amulette collection
Dior Rose des vents collection
Dior – Rose des vents collection
Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra collection
Van Cleef & Arpels – Alhambra collection
RedLine Pure collection
RedLine – Pure collection

With so many variations and combinations, we would be pressed to name a few pieces as the ultimate charm bracelet models out there, but if we had to pick our favourites, they are definite winners. Like the oh-too-famous DINH VAN heart charm bracelet with round white diamond set in sterling silver – the very epitome of minimalistic class and understated elegance.  So light and so simple yet so unbelievable effective and fashionable – this is a statement piece that truly goes with anything. You would be pressed to find a lovelier, more contemporary design that is a wonderful symbolization of attachment and love in the form of the two interlocking hearts.

Another beautiful charm bracelet comes from CARTIER with their Amulette de Cartier – an enchanting collection of bright lucky pieces that bring out the colourful beauty of natural gemstones: Opal, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Carnelian, Chrysoprase, Mother-of-Pearl and Onyx in a myriad of combinations.  The contrast of materials enhances the simplicity and elegance of the talisman’s polished curves, closing like a padlock to hold luck and unlock the wearer’s wishes. Luxury jewelry house DIOR responds with its own unique interpretation of the charm bracelet in the face of the Rose des Vents collection – Monsieur Dior’s lucky star takes the form of a beautifully-crafted wind rose – an eight-pointed star. A twist of grains encircles the medallion, which turns and reveals a hard stone or wind rose on either side. The couturier’s favourite flower brings plenty of good luck charm and is edged with a twist of gold. The other side of the medallion is a strikingly delicate mother-of-pearl, a symbol of gentleness, femininity and well-being; turquoise. The balance of the refined piece is complimented by the pink opal with protective properties and lapis lazuli, an emblem of serenity and friendship.

In keeping with Van Cleef & Arpels’ tradition of excellence and artisan expertise, the Alhambra collection of charm bracelets is a real treat for the eyes. Fluid and mobile, it is built around the familiar motif, edged with golden pearls in a true symbol of harmony. The pieces are light and ethereal and can be worn with ease as they withstand the test of time. Inspired by the beautiful shapes and forms found in nature, the Maison has incorporated the most beautiful materials and precious stones in gentle, feminine and enchanting compositions of light and harmony.

Poiray Coeur entrelacé collection
Poiray – Coeur entrelacé collection
Dinh Van Double coeurs collection
Dinh Van – Double coeurs collection
Tiffany & Co Return to Tiffany collection
Tiffany & Co – Return to Tiffany collection
Cartier Amulette collection
Cartier – Amulette collection

A diamond on a string is the next effective combination in the world of charm bracelets. Courtesy of RedLine, this highly symbolic must-have bracelet is nearly unbreakable, representing the fragility of life and is allied with the force of an eternal diamond. A 0.10 carat set stone creates a minimalist, original, and distinctive bracelet. An 18-carat clasp and three linked rings make it adjustable. It is available in four colours of gold and 80 string colours for a blazing array of combinations.

Another jewelry giant in the face of French luxury house Poiray and its quintessential collection of femininity and sensuality that takes the form of a charm bracelet of refined proportions. Young and classy – it possesses strong character that is masked by an elegant reserve. The brand’s signature motifs are incorporated are infused with a fun and witty intelligence to create a piece of playful duality and sense of movement.

And finally, there is the Tiffany heart charm bracelet…Made of 18k rose, white and yellow gold or silver, the signature piece has a single heart motif that is a simple yet effective symbol of love and closeness – pretty evocative for the brand that redefined the way people say ‘I do’ to each other. Few women will remain unmoved when presented with a gift so delicately charming that says so much, where all words fade. Powerful in its simplicity and impeccable in craftsmanship – the Tiffany heart charm bracelet is the epitome of the house’s classic and sophisticated style, beloved by fashion icons like Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. And if it’s good enough for women of such finesse and stature, it’s good enough for everyone else…

Because a charm bracelet marks only the beginning of a story that is just waiting to be written till its very end. Now, you can make yours one that is worth telling…

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