Wearing a Fabergé Dalliance Libertine saved my life !

Discover the Fabergé Dalliance Libertine I unique watch playing with lions in a trip to Africa half way through the Tanzanian Seregeti National Park and the Gemfields’ Zambian Kagem Emerald Mine  (Fabergé’s parent company). Set with over 4 carats of emerald, the timepiece is a smart work of art. Explanations.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

When Jean Marc Wiederrecht and his wife Catherine, founders of Agenhor, visited the Kagem Emerald Mine in Zambia one year ago, they were struck by the beauty of the landscape, the dominance of green shades you commonly find in some regions of Africa and obviously the quality of the Gemfields emeralds. It did not take them long to get inspired and shortly imagined Libertine I, a jewelry timepiece Fabergé presented during Baselworld.

Although I have not had the chance to discover the emerald mine that makes Gemfields the largest producer in the world, I was struck by the same abundance of green when entering the Serengeti National Park on the opposite country border. Welcomed by a few lions who had just finished their lunch – the bloody mouth warned us of their recent hunt- made me thinking

What if I was wearing the Fabergé Lady Libertine I from the Dalliance collection?

Well, although the 36 mm rose gold case was set with 1.84 carats of diamonds on the bezel and 1.69 carats of emerald covering the dial (578 in total) not to forget the 2.39 carat hand-carved emerald in the center helped with my adventurous look to fit the scenery.

The snow set dial depicts the geolocalisation of the Gemfields mine. Smart! A subtle, yet delicate and precious googlemap attached to my wrist.

Libertine I is so beautifully executed that although the watch is unique – in its style and production- it does not show off and keeps you discreet from lions, elephants or horses in pajamas (most commonly known as zebras).

The golden hands fix the Agenhor AGH6911 movement to the dial- a movement that has been developed specifically for the Lady Levity allowing a decorative element to be fixed on its center. The fine gold filigree outlines the gem setting handwork of the banks of the region’s river.  How great it is to have a hand carved GPS on my wrist at all times in order to just make sure I am heading in the right direction: hippos vs. crocos – tough call you have no idea!

Head outside the top of the 4 wheels safari car we spot a herd of elephants coming from the forest. We get closer but another exercise of discretion comes along: Dumbo’s father does not seem to be happy to see us, he moves his big ears, starts scratching the ground only 2 meters away from the car. It means that he is just a few steps from us, from the watch and consequently from my life. No one moves, thinks or breathes.

Thankfully, Fabergé Libertine I has a manual winding movement so worse comes to worse the watch will stop if I have not winded up in the last 50 hours, but at least, it wont make any noise indicating that the battery is low – attracting or irritating the elephant.

Think about it this way: Fabergé saved my imaginary life but back to reality… no… I would not take a 245K timepiece with me to play with baboons and play with lions!

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