Lady Compliquee by Fabergé

The world awaited with bated breath the comeback of renowned brand Fabergé, which was everything we had hoped for and more! Place to a watch complication elaborated by talented Jean-Marc Weiderrecht.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

When reknown journalist Louis Nardin traveled the world for more than a year and landed in Japan, he probably did not expect to come accross a fan, a hand-crafted and delicately made fan -like they usually are overthere- that would lead to a stunning and poetic timepiece complication.

Nardin called his friend, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht- the genius- from Agenhor, famous for his watch complications and elaborated movements and suggested he should think about a system where the time could be read like the arrays of a fan opening one after another.

In parrallel, Fabergé had in the archives the drawing of a peacock with whismical feathers. From its delicate design to technical perfection and stunning execution – Lady Compliquée is a bespoke work-of-art. The proud peacock, serving as the main element on the dial is intricately carved with its richly-adorned feathers falling down one at a time to indicate the time.

Lady Compliquee peacock diamonds by Fabergé

As Wiederrecht eloquently puts it “Women love complications, which is the reason behind the birth a line that combines elements of Fabergé’s heritage with some interesting technical features.”

The stunning timepiece, conceived from a fleeting idea and a trip to the mystical Faraway East, is something that will melt the heart of every woman.

The Lady Compliquée has a platinum case of 38 mm diameter with a 50 hours power reserve. Hours are indicated at 2 o’clock with with each number scrolling down hour after hour and minutes are featured with a retrograde system complimented by multiple display elements. The bezel is diamond set with 54 brilliant cut diamonds worth 1.83 carats and the dial has a snowset pavage with diamonds, tsavorites and paraiba tourmalines.

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