The Best Halloween Timepiece: the Petit Skull by Fiona Kruger

Designed by Fiona Kruger, made by artisans and made for you. That’s what she claims. Spotted for her original skull watch three years ago, the Scottish designer launched the Petit Skull, a limited edition made in black, silver or blue and possibly set with diamonds on the bezel.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Fiona Kruger joined the exclusive family of the independant watch brands three years when launching her eponymous brand. Her Fine Art and Product Design background helped her shaping her dream watch after sketching hundred of skulls to find The One.

Transforming a mechanical watch into a piece of emotion, Fiona Kruger calls her unique design process a New Metier D’Art. Mixing inspirations between the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, with the 17th century skull watch of Mary Queen of Scots to the hundreds of skulls we have seen in the recent years, she re-interpreted the skull symbol her way.

That being said, with no watchmaking background, she looked at the traditional Metiers d’Art including enamel, guillochage, engraving and stone settings to pass on her message through the Skull Collection.

The immediate success of the first collection enabled Fiona Kruger to develop variations of the original piece.  The Petit Skull has a guioché dial with a bolder design and sculptural decor. The eyes of the Petit Skull are more open and defined throughout the case allowing the pupils to be an open-work on the Soprod movement located on the right.

The smaller stainless steel case (48 x 34.5 mm & 9.8 mm thick) combined with the delicately diamond paved bezel softens the dark and morbid image of a skull. Although we have seen skulls worn, made, crafted, tatooed … etc. in a million different ways, the Petit Skull imagined by Fiona Kruger offers new perspectives for a woman who dares wearing a skull… but not just a, the skull !

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