Born out of love and passion and tested against time and fleeting tends – Gemmyo’s formula for winning individuality has convinced many. Their iconic pink cat dressed with a diamond ring on the top of its right ear made the Gemmyo ad campaign imprinted in our mind.

California-born Cathy Waterman has quickly become the go-to jewelry artist of the rich and famous with her unique pieces frequently adoring actresses on their Red Carpet strolls. And there’s a perfectly good reason for that. In a world of over-indulgence and exuberant luxury – her creations offer a breath of fresh air with original designs and seamless execution.

Her signature style relies on a harmonious incorporation of colourful gemstones and fancy diamonds in a vivid blend of colours and shapes that are a celebration of life’s diversity. Cathy Waterman’s collections convey her free spirit and love of life with glorious and rich tapestry of designs and one-of-a-kind pieces. Making poetry and magic in platinum, 22k gold and diamonds does not come easy, but somehow this talented artist manages to make it a reality.

Delicate curves and harmonious shapes blend in a feminine and lyrical combination of precious stones and materials in celebration of luxury and beauty. Each hand-finished piece stands out with a quiet, dreamy sophistication where harmony, peace and love dictate all laws of physics.

The underlying elegance innate to each of her pieces dictate her growing popularity. The unusual and contemporary jewelry Cathy Waterman creates blooms in full beauty in her latest collection, in honour of her husband – charmingly titles Love of My Life. It has gained national recognition and praise and being described as “ethereal, feminine and lyrical”, but words hardly do it justice. The pieces that come out of her studio in Santa Monica are the embodiment of harmony and subtle beauty that resonates with the delicate feminine nature.

Cathy’s love for experimentations makes it difficult to pinpoint the creative direction of her future professional endeavours, but if one thing is certain – it is that her creations will continue to push the boundaries of creative possibility and be a source of artistic inspiration.

GemmyoEntre-chat ring mounted on white gold with pearl and diamonds
GemmyoAriane bracelet mounted on white gold with diamonds
Gemmyo Gemmiaou ring mounted on white gold with tourmaline and diamonds 
GemmyoGemmiaou ring mounted on white gold with tourmaline and diamonds 
GemmyoYork earrings mounted on sterling silver with topaz and diamond


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