Hélène Prime

Parisian style, refine taste and color obsessed, Hélène Prime launched her first jewelry collection made of horn and semi-precious stones. She unveils strong pieces for women with personnality.

The desire to be her own boss has always been prominent… it goes back to when she opened her decoration boutique right after getting her fashion degree. Two children and a multiple of life choices later, Hélène Prime always had a thing with colors.

Under her misleading so-parisian delicate style, Hélène Prime loves what is big, rough and imposing, hence the men’s sports watch on her left wrist. She believes that one single piece of jewelry should reveal a woman’s personality and pieces of jewelry with strong identity are self-sufficient.

Fond of colors, passionate with materials, and obsessed with style mixes, Hélène Prime uses ornmental opaques or translucent stones (simply allowing light to pass through) she sets on Zebu horn, an African cow.

Originating from India or China, she chooses each stone carefully: cornaline, red jasper, pink quartz, agates, chalcedonies, malachites, sodalites, lapis lazuli, eye of tiger or amethyst.

From the color of the stones combined to the design and detail of the horn, each cuff is unique.

The main idea is to create a unique piece of jewelry that won’t be seen every other day.
Open to suggestions, Hélène Prime encourages her clients or future clients to voice what they want!

Prix ranging from ~ 175 euros to 450 euros.
2 to 3 weeks delivery upon request for a special order.

Hélène PrimeHorn cuff with malachite
Helène Prime Horn and Rhodonite cuff
Hélène PrimeHorn and Rhodonite cuff
Helène Prime Horn cuff with rhodonite,malachite and amazonite 
Hélène PrimeHorn cuff with rhodonite, malachite and amazonite 
Hélène PrimeHélène Prime Cuff with nacre
Hélène Prime yellow leather cuff with cornaline and amazonites
Hélène PrimeYellow Leather Cuff with cornaline and amazonites
Hélène Prime Leather cuff with amazonite and cornalines
Hélène PrimeLeather cuff with amazonite and cornalines

Hélène Prime

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