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Benjamin Mizrahi is a true gem lover, stone dealer and jewelry designer. He founded his own company BenGems in Geneva in 2013 specializing in sourcing rare and outstanding stones.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

For many stone dealers, stone lovers and stone experts diamonds can be considered as boring. Although the white faceted pure stone is fascinating and dreamed by many, colored stones embody a sort of fantasy for dealers.

As a matter of fact, precious stones such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies or semi-precious stones such as garnet, spessartites, tanzanites even kunzites are full of life, light and hues. Triggering more emotions, colored stones have something else, something different only one can see.

When Benjamin Mizrahi talks about the stones he buys, he mostly emphasizes on the one he picks and why he picks them. Imperfections and singular details make the uniqueness of the stone. It can be a cut, it can be an inclusion, a facet or even a flaw – the quality of the stone is one component, but so many others can alter the price of the stone going up or down. Founding BenGems in 2013, Mizrahi built most of his business model on searching and buying stones for private clients or jewelry brands… which is what he thrives for ! Yet, for the past few months, he and his wife Emilie have been working on building a name as a real and respected jewelry brand mastering the quality of setting stones and specializing in the art of relooking (see our previous article here).

Using his known and respected reputation in the industry to source and buy stones (see our previous article here) why wouldn’t the ex-stone buyer of DeGrisogono make a name for himself?

Benjamin Mizrahi Founder of BenGems
Benjamin Mizrahi – Founder of BenGems
Peridots Stones green
Peridots Stones
Lapis Lazuli Stones
Lapis Lazuli Stones
Aquamarine Stones blue
Aquamarine Stones
The Art of Relooking ring diamonds
The Art of Relooking
Briolettes Earrings diamonds
Briolettes Earrings
Spessartites Stones orange
Spessartites Stones
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