Healing amulet trend: surround yourself with the good vibes of the Blesslev pouch, Jacquie Aiche’s new talisman

Jacquie Aiche Blesslev pouch

Who else than Californian designer Jacquie Aiche to create the perfect talisman that will guide you through your life journey? Handmade with love in Jaipur, each pouch holds sacred stones that provides yourself with daily protection and healing. Jacquie Aiche shares with us her best tips to recharge your energy!

Author By Marie-Caroline Selmer

The Eye of Jewelry: What is the idea behind the Blesslev Prayer Pouch?
Jacquie Aiche: I really wanted to create a new style of my classic Blesslev…something special that could provide its beholder with whatever healing energy they need. Prayer pouches have been used for centuries to hold various items for healing. Traditionally, they would carry stones, herbs, feathers, leaves – anything sacred to the individual that would provide a sense of inner-harmony. Each Blesslev Prayer Pouch holds a prayer and a hand-selected set of stones meant to heal you from the inside out. They are incredibly personal and sacred amulets. Keep them close and they will transform your energy.

THEIOFJ: Can you introduce us each bag and the stones that are included?
JA: First, you choose what you need: red is power, blue is clarity, pink is love, orange is joy, and nude is peace. The Power Prayer Pouch is to bring you strength and feelings of empowerment. It holds pyrite. The Clarity Prayer Pouch is meant to provide you with direction and confidence. It holds green fluorite and turquoise.  The Love Prayer Pouch will help you open your heart to yourself and others. It holds amethyst and rose quartz. The Joy Prayer Pouch is to align your mind, body and spirit. It holds aquamarine and pyrite. The Peace Prayer Pouch will give you a sense of calm and serenity. It holds clear quartz and fluorite.

Jacquie Aiche - Blesslev Prayer Pouch Red

THEIOFJ: What is the power of each stone?
JA: Pyrite will empower you with the confidence of a goddess and the strength of a warrior. Green Fluorite keeps you focused, while silencing distractions around you. Turquoise brings you self-love and a sense of serenity. Rose Quartz opens the heart to love. Amethyst protects you from negative energy and attracts only positive thoughts. Clear Quartz energizes your mind, body and soul. It is also a cleansing crystal – it amplifies the healing properties of other gemstones. Fluorite repels stressful and negative energy.

THEIOFJ: How to choose the bag perfectly fit for us?
JA: Each bag carries stones for a specific type of healing. You’ll gravitate toward the one that holds whatever you need most…

THEIOFJ: Any tips on how to clean and charge our stones in the Full Moon?

JA: Every Full Moon carries restorative energy, perfect for cleansing your crystals. The day before, gently wash the stones in purified water with a little bit of salt. Place them on a natural surface under the direct moonlight. I love to place mine on selenite or clear quartz, but the ground works too. The perfect time to put them out is around sunset. The next day, collect your beauties from outside and infuse them with positive intention!

Born from the collaboration between Grace Raymond and Jacquie Aiche, the Voler is handmade with love in Jaipur. When you purchase the VOLER love pouch, 30% of the proceeds will go to Donors Choose – funding classroom projects that inspire you.

Jacquie Aiche - Blesslev Prayer Pouch Blue
Jacquie Aiche – Blesslev Prayer Pouch Blue
Jacquie Aiche - Blesslev Prayer Pouch Pink
Jacquie Aiche – Blesslev Prayer Pouch Pink
Jacquie Aiche - Blesslev Prayer Pouch orange
Jacquie Aiche – Blesslev Prayer Pouch orange
Jacquie Aiche - Blesslev Prayer Pouch orange
Jacquie Aiche – Blesslev Prayer Pouch orange
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