Most Watched: The JAQUET DROZ – Petite Heure Minute with a translucent dial

Baring a reputation of making super classical watches, the Petite Heure Minute with a tiger painted in translucent enamel shows that Jaquet Droz can go beyond their codes breaking the rules of traditional enameling.

Author By Holly Albertson

Why did we choose it?

In order to celebrate their 280th anniversary, Jaquet Droz has created one of the most artistic watches we’ve ever seen. The Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara Tiger is more than just a watch. The brand uses plique-à-jour enamel for their first time, in the dials of these watches. This type of enamel, known as smalta clara in Latin, is so intricate and difficult to produce. The craftsman heats a glass powder mixture to create a paste and colors are added by various metal oxides. This paste is then compartmentalized between flat metal wires in order to create the desired design. There is no backing, which makes this piece even more delicate. Once the design is put into the kiln, it is heated to the appropriate temperature in order to create the final product (and hopefully not crack!). This process takes the Jaquet Droz craftsman four full days in order to produce one dial!


What is interesting about it?

Jaquet Droz created a fierce yet feminine tiger design as the centerpiece for this watch. The plique-à-jour provides for another symbol of this delicacy yet intense strength. There are two versions of this watch, one with white gold and blue tones to the tiger and one with rose gold and browns and golden tones. Each has an appropriately matched satin strap. The hour display is smaller than normally and pushed off to the side in order to have more of the tiger exposed. This again proves that this watch is more about the artistry than the watch itself. Due to the intensity of the craftsmanship, there are only 28 of each style made, so be sure to order yours quickly!


Jaquet Droz - Petite Heure Minute Watches set with diamonds and plique-à-jour enamel on gold
Jaquet Droz – Petite Heure Minute Watches set with diamonds and plique-à-jour enamel on gold
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