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What makes a jewel unique? Beyond precious stones and finest materials, isn’t the designer’s inspiration that gives each piece this little extra soul that makes everything? Jenny Dee’s creations set apart for this reason, with their own aesthetic and creative world.

Launched by Jenny Dabbah in 2015, Jenny Dee Jewelry is a jewelry label strongly influenced by music, but most specifically with rock & roll vibes that infuse each collection. The brand is also rich in its founder’s multi-cultural household where spirituality and jewelry have always had an important meaning.

Being the daughter of an eminent Swiss diamond-dealer, Jenny Dabbah comes from a family that has been involved in the diamond and jewelry industry for over 40 years. From them, she has learned everything about the gems, from sourcing to trading, including their meanings and symbolic.

Jenny Dabbah was born and raised in Geneva yet, thanks to extensive travels, she is able to take her inspiration from the U.S. or the Middle East, both places she lived in. Finally caught up by her passion for stones, Dabbah enrolled the “Gemmological Institute of America” in New York where she furthered her education about gemstones and jewelry design. After working for many years in the family business as a diamond dealer and private high end jewelry designer, she established her own fine line “Jenny Dee” in 2015.

As a designer, Dabbah believes that more than an accessory, jewelry should carry a deeper meaning. Like an armor that should make you feel protected, Jenny Dee jewels are aimed to make their owners feel unique and mystical. Hence the various symbols and spiritual meanings that can be found in her creations like in the Mandalic collection. This unisex pendant is made of a cosmic Mandala engraved on a guitar pick pendant and carry a specific meaning. We love the idea to go deep within our spirits with the beautiful color of the Lapis Lazuli «Gratitude » pendant set on a refined 18kt gold yellow chain.

Jenny Dee jewels are designed to be mixed, matched and stacked. Whether is it with the Mandalic pendant or with the celestial rings from the Pleiadee collection, the brand invites you to create your own language and express your uniqueness.

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Jenny Dee Jewelry - Lapis lazuli
Jenny DeeLapis lazuli " Gratitude" pendant from the Mandalic collection
Jenny Dee Jewelry -
Jenny DeeJenny Dee Jewelry - "Persévérance" Mandalic pendant mounted on yellow gold set with sapphires and tsavorite from the Mandalic collection
Jennifer Dabbah founder of Jenny Dee Jewelry
Jenny DeeJennifer Dabbah
Jenny Dee Jewelry - Ethiopian Opal Electra Necklace mounted on rose gold. From the Pleiadee collection available online on The Eye of Jewelry store
Jenny DeeEthiopian Opal Electra Necklace mounted on rose gold from the Pleiadee collection
Jenny Dee Jewelry - Green Agate Alcylone Ring mounted on yellow gold with white diamonds. From the Pleiadee collection available online on The Eye of Jewelry store
Jenny DeeGreen Agate Alcylone Ring mounted on yellow gold with white diamonds. From the Pleiadee collection

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Jenny Dee

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