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5 Reasons to come visit The Eye of Jewelry Pop-Up Store in Geneva

Come discover 5 uprising jewelry designers for this summer… And if you needed an extra reason, remember that Mother’s day is in less than 2 days! 

1- Rivka Nahmias transforms a religious symbol into a jewelry icon. She takes the smallest letter of the Hebrew alphabet called the Youd as her core inspiration. Set with black diamonds, mounted with a Tahitian pearl or carved in yellow gold, she does it all and does it well !
(King Youd in Black diamonds retails for CHF 2’160.-) 

 2- Sophie M. Paris was born and raised in the jewelry world… But that does not mean she was aimed to be successful in the domain. Yet, as a designer she was able to follow the creation process from stage one. Picking the right stones, set by the right people and designed by her could only be a timeless success
(Infini Ring retails for CHF 5’590.-) 

3- It really does not matter if it’s a boy or a girl Amélie Brunswick thought about the two launching Little Ones – the cutest diamond collection of all times ! Set with baguette cut diamonds and mounted on the three types of gold, the Parisian designer offers the possibilty to add more charms to your necklace or even put it on your ear ! 
(Little One Boy or Girl retails for CHF 1’700.-) 

4- Aude Lechère sounds so French and looks so chic … Well so does her jewelry. Inspired by nature, her organic designs set with colored stones (sapphires, tsavorites, amethysts or diamonds) fit each and every woman to perfection !
( Cross Pendant Necklace retails for CHF 1’935.-) 

 5- There aren’t enough colors nor feminine qualificatives to describe the works of Lebanese designer Christina Debs. Fun, customisable, fresh and desirable, if Hard Candy remains her key collection, Wonderland remains a must for the summer!
(Open Bangle in Agathe retails for CHF 2’510.-)

The Eye of Jewelry at the Grand Hôtel Kempinski – Quai du Mont-Blanc 19 – 1201 Geneva – Switzerland – Open Wednesday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and from 2.30 p.m. through 6.30 p.m. 

Rivka Nahmias
Big Eloise Ring set on red gold with diamonds – CHF 1960.-
Rivka Nahmias
King Youd Pendant set on black gold with black diamonds CHF 2’160.-
Sophie M Paris
Infini collection Ring – set on white gold with diamonds – CHF 5’990
Sophie M Paris
Eveil Collection – White Gold pendant set with diamonds
Little Ones
Little One Paris Girl on white gold CHF 1’700.-
Little Ones
Little One Paris Boy on rose gold CHF 1’700.-
Aude Lechère
Pendentif Croix – on yellow gold with pink or blue sapphires or purple amethysts – CHF 1935.-
Aude Lechère
Yellow Sapphire Cross Earrings mounted on yellow gold – CHF 1’710
Christina Debs
Wonderland Collection – Open Bangle with orange and yellow Agathe – CHF 2’510.-
Christina Debs
Wonderland – Yellow Agathe Ring with black and white diamonds – CHF 1’280