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Are you a January baby ?

If you happen to be a January baby… Garnet is your STONE.Considered to be a regenerating and energizing stone, the Garnet is also known to enhance the developement of self-confidence, courage and perseverance helping to achieve personal plans. Find out where can you find the most beautiful pieces of your birthstone…

Jardins “Abeille” ring mounted on rose pink set with diamonds, pink sapphires with a pear-shaped pink sapphire and a pear-shaped malaya garnet
Ralph Masri
From Sacred windows, earrings mounted on rose gold with champagne diamonds and garnets
David Yurman
Venetian Quatrefoil ring with ruby and diamonds in 18K gold
Rivka Nahmias
Red ruby boheme ring mounted on yellow gold with 5 rubies
Dionea Orcini
Linee Misteriose Black Diamond Double Ring mounted on white gold with black diamonds and red garnet
“Les Eternelles de Chanel” Signature Garnet secret watch
Disa Allsopp
Ring mounted on yellow gold with garnet
Colored Labbra pendant mounted on gold with rubies
Melissa Kaye
Cristina earrings mounted on rose gold with diamonds and rubies
Nudo ring mounted on rose gold with garnet