COVID-19 : What happens when you wash your hands too often …

The first thing to stop the coronavirus from spreading is to wash your hands very often. The only problem is that combining soap in addition to the use of hydroalcoholic gel, your hands become dry and rough. Here are a few tips and tricks.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Wash your hands and dry them well

Ever since the coronavirus has spread, we have never been so pressured in washing our hands to get rid of germs. I just want to say: Duhhhh! I mean, washing your hands frequently should be part of your daily routine. But now that “washing your hands” is coming from TV hosts, government spokesmen or journalists, everyone is doing it.

For now and future reference, the rule is simple: wash your hands when leaving the toilet, before meals, when going home, after touching a doorknob, coming back from the subway… give or take, pretty much all the time. For those whose OCD is already there, there isn’t much to change (read the great article by Cazzie David, American journalist for Vanity Fair, The Hollywood Reporter or Glamour).

On this matter, and being personally concerned: having dry hands, repeated cracks, small wounds, and brittle nails are one of the consequences of too frequent hand washing (and spending time on airplanes, I admit).

Welcome to my world my friend! Before giving you the few miracle remedies of intense re-hydration for your little hands, as a first step, make sure to do the following: take the time to properly dry your hands to the last drop and avoid automatic dryers!

The best hydrating and nourishing hand-creams

Pretty hands are a sign of elegance and refinement, especially when they are adorned with pretty rings! Taking care of them is also a way to slow down the skin aging, especially the hands, which has an ultra-thin and sensitive skin. Our recommendation below:

– The Texture Riche hand cream from Chanel is practical especially when travelling because its ultra ergonomic packaging avoids putting some everywhere.

– The 8-hour cream from Elisabeth Arden is one of those revolutionary beauty products that continue to be passed down from one generation to another.

– The Cicaplast Hands cream from La Roche Posay is also a good option, explained Clémence Von Mueffling, beauty journalist and founder of the Beauty and Well-Being website, who told us her few secrets in an interview published last October.

– For Claire Despagne, founder of the Day+ dietary supplement, her passion is La vraie crème de Laponie from Polàar to nourish her beautiful hands.

– The product that has revolutionized manicures is Dior’s Apricot Cream, created by Christian himself in 1963.

– Another tip, a little more radical but no less effective put a heavy coat of Bepanthen (yes, it’s a French cream you put on babies’ buttocks) and slip your hands into thin silicone gloves for at least 15 minutes every day (gloves that you can recycle)!

The best hydrating and nourishing hand-creams

Tested and recommanded: Dayplus for Care, 100% natural remedy for hands and skin

If you follow us on instagram you must have seen several times images of a green and white DAY+ drinking stick… Recently changed into red and white… many of you continue to send us messages to thank us for sharing our find. By the way, we don’t talk about products that we have not tested beforehand.
Having an aversion to anything that includes swallowing tablets or undrinkable potions, I listened to the sensible speech of Claire Despagne, who, after having realized that she could not find what she needed, decided to meet her own expectations… We are our own best advocates after all!

D+ for care produits
D+ for care

Exactly two years ago, she launched Day+, a simple, effective and complete dietary supplement. Based on collagen, spirulina, hyaluronic acid, pomegranate and zinc, these 5 active ingredients have been combined to sublimate the skin, nails and hair, with results showing only after 3 weeks. For me, the jar of pills is not only anxiety- driven but very much unhygienic. With Dayplus, Claire Despagne offers a practical and easy-to-carry stick you can drink whenever you want, wherever you want. The advantage is that we know exactly what’s inside. Dayplus is 100% made in France organically and can be delivered anywhere in the world. If you think the way we do, investing 2.7 euros per day to boost your beauty capital is objectively not very expensive. Follow Claire Despagne on @dplusforcare – A 3-months cure is recommended – for 80 Euros/month or 90 Euros per box of 30 sticks. For more information

D+ for care ingrédients
D+ for care
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D+ for care
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D+ for care
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