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Are you a December baby?

If you happen to be a December baby… Tanzanite and Turquoise are your STONES. The tanzanite is known to transform negative energies into positive ones it also helps to slow down and take it easy whereas turquoise is considered to be the stone of protection, power and luck! Find out what birthstone are you and what jewelry options come to you!

Fernando Jorge
Arara earrings mounted on blue rhodium plated 18k with boulder opal, tanzanite and diamonds
Pamela Love
Stone cutout pendant mounted on white gold with turquoise center stone, pave black diamonds, and three princess cut white diamonds
Lisi Lopez
Ring mounted on grey gold with tanzanite (5cts) with blue et rose sapphires
Jacquie Aiche
6 heart double bone horn turquoise choker
Tiffany & Co
Tiffany Soleste pendant in platinum with a pear-shaped tanzanite and a double row of round brilliant diamonds
Ring mounted on rose gold set with one cabochon turquoise and 90 diamonds
Stephen Webster
From Magniphesant collection – Ring mounted on white gold with tanzanite
Noor Fares
Wing gold turquoise earrings
Carrera y Carrera
Dragon de Fuego ring mounted on white gold with tanzanite and diamonds
Melissa Joy Manning
Ruby and turquoise open faced cuff
Pippa Small
Bracelet mounted on yellow gold with tanzanite
Necklace mounted on white gold with aquamarines and turquoise
Brooke Gregson
Ziggurat tanzanite necklace