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The Eye of Jewelry spotted pretty jewelry pieces to wear 24/7 if you are still in your 20s.

Now that your cupboards are full of high pumps and trendy bags (yes, we are that kind of girls too) let’s consider the jewelry box. Affordable, easy-to-wear and whimsical, that could be the winning trio of the jewelry pieces that we are attracted to in our 20s. Looking for fashionable accessories to match your everday look from morning ring to night out with friends? You asked, we found. Here is a selection of fine jewelry that are worth investing to celebrate your 20th decade.

By Marie-Caroline Selmer


Echoing the stacking jewelry trend, the Paris-based designer Rivka Nahmias has conceived the perfect mix and match ring that will save our time searching for the coolest rings to pair. Entitled « RING 4 », this jewelry piece is all in fluidity. It offers an edgy layering of rings, from diamond set chain to sleek gold band, for a stylish look.


For a dramatic effect, combine it with different necklaces. The delicate ones from Rivka’s collection keeps it minimal with subtle details with a mini golden youd hidden behind your neck or a diamond floating on your skin.


Because a 20-something won’t ever miss a night out, her ears needs to dressed up too.

What about some golden hoops? The maxi Escargot earrings (translated as “Snail” in English) from Yvonne Leon are the perfect invest you will never look back!


Looking for the perfect effortless boho chic bangle? Anything from French designer Aurélie Bidderman will do the job. Diana twisted bangle to vintage lace cuff…little luxurious pieces we promise you won’t ever take off!

Rivka Nahmias
Ring 4 mounted on 18k yellow gold with diamonds
Rivka Nahmias
Necklace mounted on yellow gold with blue sapphires
Yvonne Leon
Maxi Escargo earring mounted on yellow gold with pearls
Aurélie Bidermann
Diana Vermilion Twisted Bangle mounted on 18k gold-plated and bakelite
Aurélie Bidermann
Vintage lace cuff dipped in 18k rose gold