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Find out why 89, 57 and 3 are the numbers that forged the reputation of French Jeweler Dinh Van.

If we were to talk numbers for a brand that has been existing since 1960, Dinh Van’s list is long. The French jewelry who spent nearly a decade working for Cartier decided to break the rules in 1960 in offering affordable, simple and minimalistic jewelry before anyone else did.

1967 marks his first great success. It was a yellow gold square ring mounted with two pearls for Pierre Cardin. At the time, square designed rings somehow marked a jewelry revolution in an era where contemporary designs were limited.

89 is the number of references available for variations of the iconic Menotte bracelet who origin was a keychain splitable into two parts. This clasp will become a house signature that babies, kids or adults keep adorn their wrists with.

57 marks the number of years Dinh Van has been a regular jewelry topic for journalists, writers, amateurs and jewelry lovers. If you hear the name Dinh Van, what immediately comes to mind are the 3 best-sellers :

the Menottes ; the Pi design paying tribute to the Chinese sign originally made on a gold chain then on a cotton thread which resulted into a world wide success and finally the square link chain with rounded edges. But there is only 1 brand like Dinh Van who managed over the years to stick to their identity and beliefs without adapting their designs and collections on trends.

This year in Baselworld, their cube collection has made a major comeback. If femininity and delicacy is a trend, then they went right through it. The open chocker with a central diamond locked into a square cage giving the idea that the stone is bigger than it actually is. In addition, the Pulse collection inspired by a musical stroll sticks to the Dinh Van vocabulary being super graphic. Each diamond is paved in a « cone-set » technique where the craftsmen carve the gold into an inverted cone shape to put in the bottom part of the diamond called the cullet. The stone stands still thanks to four small prongs which gives once again and optical illusion that the diamond is bigger in size than it actually is.

Yet, their success is far from being an illusion.

Dinh Van
2 Pearls square ring
Dinh Van
Yellow gold Menotte cord bracelet
Dinh Van
Pi chinois rose gold small pendant
Dinh Van
Yellow gold Square Tag bracelet


Dinh Van
Le Cube Diamant small bracelet
Dinh Van
 Rose gold Pulse large ring