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Ileana Makri

Multi-cultural symbols are celebrated in a palette of rich colours and striking diversity of precious stones for the ultimate eclectic experience

Fascinated by the warm and exotic allure of the rich Greek culture and nature, Ileana Makri discovered her passion for jewelry-making from an early age. Her enigmatic and mesmerizing creations incorporate a wide range of powerful symbols from the Mediterranean region in a gracious and sophisticated way into contemporary ranges of exquisite pieces.

Her eponymous Snake and Evil Eye collections are the very definition of the spirit, candour and passionate creativity that define the brand. The highly wearable, ornate and elegant lines complement the female physique in the most beautiful and subtle way possible without overbearing it. The light aesthetics and unique interpretations of familiar designs and shapes seamlessly combine the natural strength of Nature’s symbolism with the most exquisite artisan traditions.

Ileana’s refined and sensual approach to jewellery-making leaves its mark on her signature pieces that captivate with presence and allure. Celebrating the transformative and ever-lasting symbolism of elements, her sacred creations are an exquisite and illuminating contemporary interpretation of the true nature of powerful cultural phenomenon. The deep cultural undertones of the brand dictate its mission to embrace and celebrate the multifaceted glory of life within the art of high-end jewelry design.

The broad, universal appeal of Ileana Makri’s compositions relies on an infinite play of multicultural symbols and their interpretation. The mystical and figurative patterns evoke strong feelings of love, devotion, serenity and peace. With an astounding level of detail and inspiring creativity, the designer creates uncompromising contemporary jewelry with irresistible feminine appeal.

Her bespoke craftsmanship and alternative interpretation of conventional beauty is conveyed through a rich blend of gold, diamonds, rubies as well as various nuances of sapphires and gemstones. Ileana’s creative collaborations with some of the trendiest fashion houses has led to the creation of iconic collections that have attracted the attention of A-list celebrities and high-profile individuals.

Ileana Makri
Crying Eyes Stud mounted on yellow gold with white diamonds, blue sapphires and tsavorites
Ileana Makri
Diamond Armor ring mounted on yellow gold with white diamonds
Ileana Makri
Lace cuff mounted on rose gold with black diamonds
Ileana Makri
Bermuda Triangle earrings mounted on yellow gold with white diamonds
Ileana Makri opens her first retail store, Mageia in Athens.
The designer launches her first signature jewelry line.