What kind of bride are you ?

If the wedding season has finally come to an end, the next future brides in line will need to get ready. What type of ring will she get? What does she like? What kind of bride is she? Let’s talk about rings, gems and brands!

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Yes, weddings are finally over! After the official summer proposal or family announcement… the wedding is in fact the cherry on the cake. Prior to the actual celebration, there is the preparation – and that, is like training for a marathon: checklist, wedding planner, flowers, invitations, dress, shoes, fittings, reception, seatplan… it’s the same for every woman dreaming of the perfect wedding. But at the end of the day, the stress and organization level is only up to the bride’s personnality.

Who is she? Who are you? What do you like?  What wedding band will you pick? What ring do you wear ? Which translates the most important part… What kind of bride are you?

DeBeers Classic Solitaire Ring mounted on white gold with a round center diamond.
DeBeers – Classic Solitaire Ring mounted on white gold with a round center diamond.

The Classic woman
Matching your LBD (Little Black Dress in fashionista language) your solitaire needs to be simple and classic matching with everything. One stone : a round diamond. One mounting: a white gold or platinum band. You can wear it everyday as if you did not need to think about it in a way…. De Beers will think for you!

Rivka Nahmias Cercle Vertueux 
Rivka Nahmias – Cercle Vertueux

The Original woman
You are bold and daring. You like what others don’t and you don’t really pay attention to trends. Your ring has to be unique and somehow fitting your very own style if not state of mind. A simple detail will transform the entire piece. you’re a true advocate of subtleties. Rivka Nahmias is your perfect match: hammered gold and pressured diamond.

Stuart Moore Niessing collection
Stuart Moore – Niessing collection

The contemporary woman
Living with your time, understanding changes and priviledging comfort you like new technologies and more modernity. Stuart Moore made a move on you with the Niessing Ring. Architecturally made, it stranfely enough imprints your finger so you don’t feel it… an odd shape no one sees! 

Vanessa Martinelli Rainbow Heart Ring
Vanessa Martinelli – Rainbow Heart Ring

The Romantic woman
You love pink, you like hearts and teddy bears and if lollipops can be too much… you don’t really care. Cheezy some may say, adorable other would claim. Wearing a heart on your finger is more than a symbol of love. It’s the personification of it. Vanessa Martinelli incarns the perfect jewelry designer loving hearts and colored stones.

April Paris Premier baiser
April Paris – Premier baiser

The Rock’n roll woman
You are the kind of bride who would not mind changing her ring once in a while! Your ring has to be edgy, fun and wearable. Not necessarly dark and bulky you are easily on to something that seduces you, plunging head first into what your guts tell you to do. Premier baiser from April collection is a good choice for the matter. Exclusive, new, certified fairmined, the triangle shape of the center diamond breaks the traditional “engagement ring” codes… and that’s precisely why you like it!

Cartier Trinity Ring
Cartier – Trinity Ring

The Timeless woman
Usually, she wears Cartier ring… from a solitaire to a ring from the Trinity or the Love collection, she can’t go wrong and will be able to pass it from one generation to another. For now, your ring is yours and no-one has to know if it’s a wedding band, an anniveersary ring or the one your mom gave you on your 18th birthday. Because that ring has a past full of memories, meanings and filled with emotions…

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