Vanessa Martinelli

As a big fan of colored stones, Vanessa Martinelli works with vivid tones to enlight her jewelry collections. Spotted by the Vogue for her mini-mios, adored by fine jewelry lovers for her Arabian night collection, the Italian ex-model knows her drill.

With completely unique take on fine jewelry, Vanessa Martinelli manages to offer joyful designs made by the finest Italian craftsmen. Her undying passion for finding and capturing the beauty of precious and semi-precious stones in her creations led her on a journey of self-exploration, experimentation and, ultimately, the founding of her eponymous brand.

Vanessa Martinelli started her career as a model in Milan but her desire to create went beyond her fashion career. After graduating from the St Martins School of London, she moves to Hong Kong as creative director for a luxury pearl house. Then, London was calling so she left Asia to become chief designer at De Beers diamond jewellers. After a few years there, Vanessa Martinelli decided to go her own way, and settled down in Geneva to launch in 2012, Vanessa Martinelli Design, her eponymous fine jewelry brand.

Her creations cater to the most discriminating of tastes with their intricate weave, ornate designs and ethereal motifs. Vanessa possesses the uncanny ability to bring together the joie de vivre of irresistible colours with the sophistication of fine jewelry craftsmanship in a fun and feminine way at the same time.

Effortlessly balancing femininity and sensuality – her jewelry brilliantly fulfills its role as a visual representation of the energy, love of life and unspoken desires that every woman carries deep within. A touch of wittiness makes the pieces playfully flirtatious and wonderfully carefree such as the Mini-Mio collection.

Each one of the signature collections – Paradiso, Wonderland and Mini Mio – injects positive energy through a series of powerful symbols and motifs woven together with gold, silver and colored gemstones. Vanessa Martinelli boldly experiments with patterns, animalistic designs and bright nuances to bring to life concepts that celebrate life in all its diverse glory.

The pieces stand out with enchanting playfulness – one that brings a certain youthful feel to the jewelry and brilliantly resonates with the ethereal, vivacious female spirit. Vanessa’s colourful aesthetics are translated into material form through painstaking craftsmanship and innovative design as her jewels dazzle and entrance with beauty, spirit and energy. Drawing inspiration from her rich European heritage, the designer beautifully incorporates the exuberance of the vivid colours of nature with fine European craftsmanship.

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vanessa martinelli designer italian
Vanessa MartinelliVanessa Martinelli
Vanessa Martinelli Buddha love earrings colored stones
Vanessa MartinelliBuddha love earrings
Vanessa Martinelli mini mio rings animals sun cocktail gold colored stones
Vanessa MartinelliMini Mio rings
Vanessa Martinelli Arabian Nights Long earrings white gold white diamonds
Vanessa MartinelliArabian Nights Long earrings
Vanessa Martinelli Orange Pop earrings pink gold colored stones topaz sapphires diamonds
Vanessa MartinelliOrange Pop earrings

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Vanessa Martinelli

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