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Loree Rodkin where couture jewelry meets

Loree Rodkin’s jewelry is all about blurring the boundary between nouveau vintage and modernity with a flair for the unexpected… almost with a gothic style.

Loree Rodkin travels into antique opulence with no clear distinction between modern and medieval. The California-based designer with a non-conformist vision has shot her to A-level status on the jewelry-making scene. Symbolism is a very important element in her work and shines through in the ornate decoration, artisan engraving and impeccable embellishment.

Reflecting life’s spontaneity and freedom in an unconventional way relays a beautiful message of eternity through the creation of modern, unique pieces of jewelry. Her unmistakable style is defined by the lavish use of diamonds and the white gold with black rhodium plate. Loree’s daring and edgy sense of style and uncompromising professionalism has landed her clients from the ranks of Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Cher and Elton John among others.

The hand-made avant-garde pieces make a statement with the uncanny attention to detail alone as Rodkin is famous for her meticulous craftsmanship and obsessive-compulsive perfectionism. She employs a unique use of a variety of precious stones, platinum, gold and diamonds – inspired by the abundance found in Nature.

Described as “forward-thinking” – Loree’s designs encompass her love for the unknown and desire to subdue matter in its purest, most beautiful form possible. Uncompromising technical virtuosity, delicate design and excellent craft finesse are the core characteristics of the brand’s signature style that has become so renowned and praised worldwide.

Traveling the world and posting snapshots on Instagram, Loree Rodkin is committed to discovering and capturing beauty in all its forms through a strong and powerful blend of materials and energy. Her eye-catching pieces are in only the finest of guises to retain that elusive allure of days long gone. Reminiscent of medieval flamboyance and old-school glamour – each jewel stands out thanks to its rich and eclectic appeal.

Loree Rodkin
Deconstructed ombre ring mounted on 18k blue rhodium with blue sapphires
Loree Rodkin
Oval Chandelier earrings mounted on yellow gold with white diamonds
Loree Rodkin
Skull and cross bone ID tag mounted on white gold with black & white diamonds
Loree Rodkin
Lava Evil Eye bracelet mounted on black rhodium with diamond and sapphire
Loree Rodkin launches her jewellery brand, introducing her most iconic piece – the bondage ring.