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Penny Preville

New-York based, Penny Preville is fusing old world artisan techniques and contemporary sensibility strikes a balance between elegance, class and feminine grace.

Inspired by the antique treasures in her grandmother’s jewelry box, Penny Preville sets out on a mission to create a brand that brings together the aristocratic glamour of centuries long gone by and the clean, intricate designs of contemporary bohemian lifestyle. The result is a company that carefully balances seemingly conflicting concepts with striking harmony, sensibility and allure.

With strong influences from the fashion and cultural scenes, Penny Preville is inspired by the multifaceted beauty of the female form and constantly seeks ways to reinvent and reimagine her jewellery range to reflect the ever-fleeting female spirit, emotions and mind. Luxurious eighteen carat white, yellow, and rose gold, as well as platinum are beautifully enhanced by luminous and bright diamonds and other precious gems in a true celebration of fabulous decadence.

Her signature designs are highly ornate and sensual, resonating with the personality of the wearer. Penny Preville has taken the celebration of individuality to a new level of sublime execution. The possibilities are unlimited in her fluid and diverse collections that can be worn in an infinite number of ways. The striking and elegant creations fit well in the challenging, modernizing world, were style and comfort are everything.

Constantly exploring new themes and revisiting the classic inspirations from previous centuries have defined Penny’s philosophy as one of fusion and experimentation. The designer’s passion for beauty and creative spirit has led to the development of many lavish collections, the likes of which have been worn on the red carpet by celebrity A-listers like Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, Sandra Bullock, Hayden Panettiere, Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker.

With numerous design awards and growing clientele, the brand has cemented its position as a leading house of feminine, delicate and fabulous jewelry.

Penny Preville
Diamond center feather bangle mounted on green gold with diamond ~ USD$ 4’875
Penny Preville
Otagon link band mounted on gold with diamond ~ USD$ 2’795
Penny Preville
Oval link choker necklace mounted on gold ~ USD$ 1’895
Penny Preville
Crescent ear climbers mounted on gold with diamond ~ USD$ 1’795
Penny wins the Jewellers of America New Designer of the Year Award.
She receives the Award for Excellence in Design from Women’s Jewellers Association.