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TOP 10 gold pieces for the Holiday Season

Wearing gold jewelry is our current obsession. Treasured for its natural beauty and radiance, this precious metal is the go-to material for bold and modern shapes. From golden hoops to a gold statement necklace, be sure to dazzle your guests with our top holiday list!

Marie-Caroline Selmer

Il Leone hoop earrings 2.0 in 24k gold plated bronze
Ana Khouri
Diamond Ophelia necklace mounted on 18k farimined gold with white diamonds
Andrea Fohrman
18k full moon new moon opal star center with multi-sapphires, emerald and amethyst pavé
Quatre radiant edition small ring
Cuff bracelet mounted on yellow and white gold with jades and sapphires
Charlotte Chesnais
Caracol gold vermeil ear cuff
Fernando Jorge
Multi chain earrings mounted on 18k yellow gold
Jemma Wynne
Prive emerald rectangle and diamond cuff
Melissa Kaye
Aria Grace earring mounted on 18k gold and diamonds
Berbere ring mounted on rose gold
Victor Houplain
Dentelle bracelet mounted on 18k yellow gold