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Venyx by Eugenia Niarchos

Malicious gossip will claim that she does not need to work, but what she does, she does it well and we like her Eugenia Niarchos even more for that reason. Ultimate freedom explored through a dazzling multitude of cultural landscapes for subliminal aesthetic synthesis of matter and spirit

Conceived as a revolutionary concept of the merging of opposing energies and principalities, Venyx by Eugenia Niarchos is an up-and-coming brand that pushes the boundaries of creative expression in the world of haute-jewelry. Classical shapes and antique motifs form the backbone of the futuristic aesthetic of the collections.

Innovative designs break the rules of traditional jewellery patterns with the brand’s first line Reptilia setting the tone for strong, bold prints that celebrate the natural world in all its multifaceted glory. Ethereal elements take form in Venyx’s highly-wearable and creative pieces. Time-traveling through the brand’s jewelry profile reveals a delicate balance between retro and futuristic accents. Clean, uncluttered lines breathe new life into familiar designs and inspire new concepts. Lead designer Eugenie Niarchos pays homage to nature and the seaworld focusing on what’s precious in life and celebrating it through her inspired creations.

The remarkable pieces tell a story of bold experimentation and are extra precious with their strikingly simple aesthetic. An endearing nostalgia permeates the collections and evokes a charming retro feel in contrast with the power element from the futuristically austere patterns and forms. The eponymous Theiya collection is the ultimate proof of the brand’s daring exploration of creative opposites and synergetic possibilities. It celebrates light in its purest form with gold, silver and precious gems coming together in a variety of designs. The powerful symbol of the Northern light is given life through the illustrious and prime brilliance of diamonds and white gold.

Mystical moonstones, meteorite stones and dark labradorites are set in 18K gold for an ethereal beauty reminiscent of the Aurora Borealis. Lightning and star shapes play up the space theme for a look that is out of this world and one of divine symmetry.

Parrot star fish earrings mounted on yellow gold and diamonds
Moonshell star ring mounted on yellow gold and coloured stones
Naida rainbow earrings mounted on yellow gold and coloured stones
Una rainbow fish ring mounted on yellow gold with coloured stones and pearls
Eugenie Niarchos launches Venyx.