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Want an experience: try the Ofee earring bar

One year ago some of you may have discovered Ofee.
Minimalistic, modern, and delicate jewelry made of gold, set with diamonds, the Parisian brand Ofée changed the jewelry experience in something cool and easy launching their earring bar.

The good news is that their website now offers an e-shop enabling you to create your own jewel. How cool!

Not only Ofee is French but it’s Parisian ! It obviously means that the collections are embedded with effortless style, chic designs and casual wear.

A few weeks back, Ofée launched its online earring bar  easy as A-B-C, simply click here to experience it your way!

Their website enables you to choose an image a face that looks close enough to you (shape, eyes and glasses). Step two allows you to select a style of earring that you may like and add it to one or your two ears and see what it’s like!

O-fee enables you to browse among 90 different models and offers a customisation service.

Creative & innovative, O-fee offers as the very last step the option to either buy, keep it to you wishlist or send it to a friend (in case you have one or many who love you very much and would love to offer you something very cool !

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