When the jeweler meets the watchmaker

MB&F by Boucheron was a collaboration that happened a few years ago. Yet, the JWLRY machine kept an active status in the mind as per the rendering of the piece mechanically and aesthetically breathtaking.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Back in 2009, when Boucheron launched with Maximilian Büsser & Friends the JWLRY Machine, rare were the mechanically complicated jewelry pieces. On the same line, if Boucheron was worldy acclaimend, MB&F was only known from watch afficionados.

Joining forces with complimentary talents, the historical jeweler teaming up with the ecclectic young Swiss watchmaker led to the birth of true piece of art.

As a tradition, MB&F launches every year what they call a Performing Art Piece. They take one of their existing piece and hand it over to an artist, a watchmaker, a designer, and this time a jeweler, to re-interpret it their way.

MB&F chose to give Boucheron their iconic Horological Machine N°3 – a three-dimentional piece and third model MB&F ever created that managed to establish the brand among the highest ranks of independant watchmaking.

Maximilian Büsser has always claimed that his timepieces serve as a piece of art to put on a wrist rather than a watch that gives you the time; it’s just a simple function that comes with it as an accessory. Therefore, if reading the time on the JWRLY Machine is a bit of a challenge, the stone setting, the array of colors and design of the piece compensate for it.

The production of the piece has been stopped – less than 20 pieces were on the market with an approximate price value of 198’000 Euros.


Hour and day/night indicator on one cone
Minutes on second cone
Date around the movement

Purple version- 18K White Gold/Titanium and Amethyst Breast made of an engraved amethyst worth 35.27 Carats
Eyes made of two cabochon amethysts worth 6.34 Carats
Diamonds worth 0.96 Carats
Blue and purple sapphires worth 5.17 Carats
Screwed-down crown with cabochon amethyst worth 0.33 Carats

3D Mechanical movement with automatic winding designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht from Agenhor

Pink version- 18K Pink Gold/Titanium and Quartz
Breast made of an engraved quartz worth 32.71 Carats
Eyes made of two cabochon rubellite worth 7.88 Carats
Diamonds worth 0.96 Carats
Pink, purple and blue and purple sapphires worth 5.17 Carats
Screwed-down crown with cabochon rubellite worth 0.33 Carats

Strap & Buckle:
Hand-stitched alligator or lizard strap with 18K Gold and Titanium custom designed deployment buckle

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