Morphée Joaillerie Paris

Immersion into the pastoral realm of Morphée jewelry. Pamela Hastry signs a collection of floral-inspired jewelry, crafted with pure delicacy. Lush creations to mix together to imagine your own Garden of Eden.

The jewelry pieces designed by the Parisian label and granted protection from Morpheus, the divinity of prophetic dreams, make these prophetic dreams come true. Morpheus, symbolizing everything ephemeral and transformation, fills the jewelry creator with a never-ending enticement to escape. Her creations intertwine, nestle gracefully on fingers, stretch out with hedonistic pleasure. “The idea is that every woman can imagine her own garden by mixing together bestiary jewelry crowned with precious-gem-topped flowers” explains Pamela Hastry, the creator.

Morphée Joaillerie is nourished by the creativity and sensitivity of the young woman, of her passion for art and design. This former Kingston University student, who graduated in design, went on to perfect her craft at the Instituto Europeo di Design where she developed her perfect mastery of jewelry design. At Morphée, although each piece is crafted by hand, it is the initial sketch which validates the beginning of its storyline. Drawing on her experiences – confirmed by a period spent at the National HBJO Federation (watchmakers, jewelers and goldsmiths) – Pamela Hastry took the plunge in 2013 and created her own jewelry brand.

Here, on The Eye of jewelry marketplace, we’ve chosen to present you with a jewelry selection from her “Prêt-à-Briller ”collection, a host of pieces to collect to imagine your own eternal bouquet. But first, you need to choose your playground: hands with an extensive choice of rings, or ears, for which the creator has also imagined a series of studs and earrings to mix & match. Another good reason for yielding to the temptation of the Garden of Eden.

Morphée Joaillerie Paris - Buttercups collection
Morphée Joaillerie ParisButtercups collection
Morphée Joaillerie Paris Forget Me Not collection
Morphée Joaillerie ParisForget Me Not collection
Morphée Joaillerie Paris - Pink Cherry Blossoms
Morphée Joaillerie ParisPink Cherry Blossoms collection

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Carefully selected by The Eye of Jewelry, here is a selection of pieces you can choose in order to extend your jewels collection.

Morphée Joaillerie Paris

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