Nadine Ghosn

Craving for a juicy snack ? Take a look at Nadine Ghosn’s latest limited edition coveted by the fashion sphere : introducing the burger ring shortly followed by the veggie and sushi versions !

Spotted on the instagram page of Japanese designer NIGO, this savory confection has already made a hit. A burger ring composed of stacked bands paved with colored stones : how on earth did the Lebanese designer currently living in New York got the idea ?

This kitschy accessory is a combination of six rings stacked on top of one another forming a gluten free veggie burger including a top bun (with sesames seeds), a veggie burger patty, and onion represented by princess cut diamonds and even some ketchup, tomato, lettuce and bottom bun with mustard details.

For those who can afford, those tasty rings can be stacked on top of one another, taking the shape of your dreamy made-to-measure burger or worn separately.

Designed by the Manhattan-based jewelry designer Nadine Ghosn, the witty ring has caught the eyes of consumers and retailers around the world, from mainstay Bergdorf Goodman to the visionnary concept store Colette in Paris.

The 27 years-old graduate from Stanford University, has also graduated from the New York’s Gemological Institute of America. Passing by Boston Consulting Group’s Luxury Goods Practice and the luxury Maison Hermès, Nadine Ghosn’s career path celebrates the union between creativity and business.

Her two major collections, intitled « Vie » and « Bare », are inspired by the rich multicultural background of her lebanese-Brazilian descent. The irreverent designer is known for her range of fun and whimsical collection of bold design transformed in everyday pieces, such as the “Shut Up” earrings sported by Beyoncé several times.

With the burger ring, Nadine Ghosn proves her jewelry expertise while mixing modern luxury and a quirky fashion sense. She even received at the latest Last Vegas Couture Jewelry show the award for the best jewelry piece in Innovation. Not bad for a first time !

Nadine Ghosn jewelry designer
Nadine Ghosn
Nadine Ghosn Burger ring
Nadine GhosnBurger ring
Nadine Ghosn Low Battery necklace
Nadine GhosnNadine Ghosn Low Battery necklace
Nadine Ghosn Can you Hear me? necklace
Nadine GhosnCan you Hear me? necklace
Nadine Ghosn Match-ed bracelet
Nadine GhosnMatch-ed bracelet

Nadine Ghosn

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