Be a First Lady

This year Anouk Danthe and Olivier Leu brought upon the guests and visitors of the show a true Revelation – a double interpretation as they used the same noun to name their brand.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

The R05 First Lady with emblematic Magic Dial.

Two collaborators in watch design and romance – Olivier Leu and Anouk Danthe, launched a few years back Revolution, an independant watch brand. Having worked over the past two decades with some of the most well-known brands in the watch-making industry, they knew the topic quite well.

The Revelation couple, eventually developed, perfected, and patented the Revelation System® with the Magical Watch Dial becoming an iconic part of their new brand.

Their vision for innovation and daring design has given birth to an iconic timepiece presented at Baselworld – the R05 First Lady. Sporting their trademark magic dial, the unique architecture of the watch makes it more than a simple horology specimen. It’s a true work of art with a lady-bug intricately carved of ceramic gently nesting on a four-leaf clover serving as the dial.

Revelation’s R05 First Lady incorporates a delicate ceramic lady-bug

A stroll among the jewelry designers’ wares at Baselworld revealed that good-luck charms and charm bracelets are a strong trend in that metier d’art for 2015.

Going with that flow, the Revelation’s R05 First Lady incorporates a delicate ceramic lady-bug sitting on a four-leaf clover that can be moved to reveal the current date.

The mysterious dial that with a twist of the wrist turns from black to translucent to reveal the marvelous workings of the timepiece’s inner mechanics. The dial seems like old-world wizardry brought to the present by modern nano-technology magic. Poetic, playful – and lucky – most women, and guys who like to give them gifts, find the little bug and clover arrangement to be rather charming.

What better way to invite Spring inside your home and the heart of a lady!

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