Most Watched : The ROMAIN JEROME Hello Kitty Watch

Every little girl at one point in her childhood once own something with the iconic Hello Kitty. Traveling through generations and cultures, this cat with a bow loved by kids and grown-ups addicted to emojis and digital characters was the perfect pick for the Swiss watchmaker to combine craftmanship and consumerism.

Author By Holly Albertson

What is interesting about it?

The RJ (Romain Jerome) brand draws inspiration from many places, such as space, superheroes, technology, and cartoon icons. When tasked with creating their first women’s only line, they continued down this inspiration path and looked towards iconic pop figures. Who did they choose? Hello Kitty, of course! This cross generational icon has been around since the 1970s. Over the years she has maintained the same look, dressed in all pink, with her signature waving without a smile pose. This consistency has allowed her to stay popular throughout all these years, perhaps even growing in fame!

Why did we choose it?

This lively watch comes in three different options: one plain steel, one with a diamond bezel and one with a full diamond and pink sapphire Hello Kitty figure. The background in all three resembles pixels, giving the piece an added depth to it. Each watch comes with a soft white rubber strap as well as an additional pink one! Each version is limited to 76 pieces to commemorate the year RJ notes as the rise of Hello Kitty herself. This kawaii (Japanese expression for extremely cute!) watch is the perfect way to showcase your feminine personality. Watches are often classic and so serious, so why not try out this whimsical one instead!


RJ Watches – Hand-filled Hello Kitty applique on top of a silver-finished pixel dial
RJ Watches – Hand-filled Hello Kitty applique on top of a silver-finished pixel dial.
RJ Watches – Set Hello Kitty applique with diamonds and pink sapphire on top of a silver-finished pixel dial.
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