What if you were a Visionnary Woman … Roger Dubuis and his Velvet Diva concept will tell you more about it

Roger Dubuis picked 2016 to mark the year of the Velvet Diva which means that their focus is on women. In other terms, we can expect to undergo profound redesign of the pieces, giving them unrivalled temperament and a multi-faceted personalities. The unique complexity of feminine nature manifests itself in many distinctive forms that are all a part of the unique, complex and every-changing character of every woman.

Author By Eleonor picciotto

Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis’ World at the latest SIHH 2016 provided the dramatic setting for the unveiling of the Diva concept behind the brand’s newest creations that are a modern reinterpretation of the Golden Age of Hollywood.  This time the Swiss Manufacture has turned to the concept of the femme fatale for inspiration, crafting pieces that embody freedom, mysticism and powerful sensuality of equal charm. Cementing its status as jeweller of rare artistic masterpieces, Roger Dubuis introduces the Velvet collection as the ideal medium through which to express his captivating vision of the Diva that lies dormant in every woman.

Trompe l’oeil techniques grace the delicate cases as they bring together different forms and circular shapes; intricate lugs including a ‘third’ that is made into a precious link and key decorative element; as well as exquisite split-level dial construction: Velvet is a collection that showcase feminine designs and light and versatile materials breathe life into the steadily beating mechanical heart of the timepieces.

Five collections built around feminine facets conjure up the nature of the Diva they embody – The Blossom Velvet, Velvet by Massaro, The Velvet Ribbom, The Black Velvet and The Velvet Secret Heart. All pieces exhibit bespoke sophistication, elegance and timelessness in their conceptual design. Their captivating, possessive, instinctive and mysterious nature is uncompromising and appeals to women on all levels. The collection is as multi-faceted and transient as the female spirit and offers a unique opportunity to explore all extremes of the emotional spectrum. Some pieces are bold and magnetic while others can be on the opposite trend: refined and delicate. All are creative, eccentric and intensely gratifying.

To become fully immersed in Roger Dubuis’ creative World at the SIHH 2016, visitors are also treated to a unique Woman’eye’zer’ Velvet Covers installation. The interactive video booth presents the opportunity to star in a video clip ‘cover’ of a virtual Velvet magazine. This special ‘moment of fame’ epitomizes Andy Warhol’s premonitory statement and is further extended through a digital campaign framing the SIHH. It is part of a series of mini-films exploring the five facets through an intensely avant-garde style and the strategic use of neon lighting.

[vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/177819893″]

Brilliant diamonds, mother-of-pearl , pink or white gold and delicate engravings are amongst the materials used to bring to life Roger Dubuis’ vision of infinitely complicated womanhood. Precious stones are assembled to accentuate the delicately-crafted dials and bring out the refined compositions. Every model presents even more elaborate interpretations of what ageless sensuality and captivating spirit means in this day and age. The superbly crafted marquetry-worked cases are complemented by the Maison’s famous craftsmanship and attention to the smallest detail, giving the pieces distinctive and powerful personalities. The unmistakable fragrance of Dubuis is instantly noticed in the sculpted harmony of all elements that come together in a single composition of unparalleled radiance and charm. Every model incorporates a unique motif that is subtly incorporated into the overall design and gives it an original vibe of feminine coquetry. From the more austere and dramatic all-carbon look of The Black Velvet to the delicate and girly charm of the Blossom Velvet, the decadent exuberance of the Velvet Ribbon and the fascinating fearlessness of the Velvet by Massaro – all timepieces embody concepts of revolutionary representation of the visionary facet of femininity in all its magnificent forms and passionate metamorphosis.

All eyes are on the spectacular display of veiled sensuality and retro glamour exhibited during the Geneva fair against a backdrop of 24 red-carpeted steps for a dramatic setting evokes the world’s most glamorous, star-studded events, the Velvet timepiece become the eponymous stars of the Roger Dubuis Stage.

Roger Dubuis black velvet watch picture

Roger Dubuis velvet secret heart diamonds watch

Roger Dubuis black velvet watch

Roger Dubuis blossom velvet watch

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