If we ask for a watch brand whose symbol is a three-headed crown and its color is bottle green, rare are those who won’t immediately think about Rolex. For more than a century, their timepieces are know to be the ultimate symbol of watchmaking made by passion, perfection and striking mathematical precision.

Since 1905 Rolex has been at the origin of landmark innovations in watchmaking, pioneering some of the industry’s most iconic pieces including the first waterproof wristwatch. The Swiss brand creates extraordinary timepieces and objects d’art for a discerning international clientele. With more than 700’000 watches produced every year, Rolex has made a worldwide reputation for the longevity and reliability of its watches attracted royalty, nobility, tycoons, industrialists and the artistic intelligentsia.

Rolex timepieces have always elicited spontaneous and enthusiastic acclaim among connoisseurs. The revitalisation of classic concepts together with the introduction of superb technical expertise is in tune with the brand’s original values, aesthetics and spirit. Its legacy of excellence in creativity, design and craftsmanship introduced a new era for watches as status symbols and not simply accessories for telling time.

Some of the most iconic models like the Datejust and the Oyster Perpetual revolutionised the world of horology by introducing never-before-seen mechanisms and functional features. Immediately recognisable, they came to represent Rolex’s constant pursuit of technical innovation and exquisite craftsmanship. Extreme attention to detail and care go into the making and assembly of each individual piece to create the ultimate symbol of exemplary performance and prestige.

Rolex watches have long stood for superlative performance and a classic, timeless elegance with architectural aesthetic. The company has left an undeniable mark on the horology industry through its constant push of technical frontiers and the evolution of watch design. The Rolex collections are more than just a name on a model, it resonates into people’s mind as societal status. From the Daytona, to the DateJust, the Yacht-Master or the Deepsea, the Submariner and GMT-Master even the Milgauss, remain a true symbol of elegance and status and come in many styles to accommodate the wearer’s personal style. Nowadays, Rolex presents a wide range of models of which numerous are considered as cult objects… to the point that some Vintage Rolex are sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars by Auction Houses. For example, last November (11.28.2016) Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo sold for $750’000 an Oyster Sotto, a stainless-steel chronograph from 1971 Ref. 6263. It appears that the upcoming sale -which will happen on May 13th, 2017 in Geneva might reach the most expensive Rolex ever sold at auction according to an article publishing by Hodinkee. Wait and see !

Rolex Watch with diamonds
Rolex Datejust 31 - Oyster, 31mm, Grey gold and diamonds
RolexDatejust 31 - Oyster, 31mm, Grey gold and diamonds
Rolex Pearlmaster 39 - Oyster, 39mm, Everose gold and diamonds 
RolexPearlmaster 39 - Oyster, 39mm, Everose gold and diamonds 
Lady-datejust 28 - Oyster, 28mm, Everose gold and diamonds
RolexLady-datejust 28 - Oyster, 28mm, Everose gold and diamonds
RolexYacht-Master 37 - Oyster, 37mm, Steel and platinum


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